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3 Zodiac Signs Finally Stop Loving The Wrong Person On April 21


There’s no surprise here when we find out that there’s something — or someone we want that we can’t have this Sunday. We’re all used to the fact that just because we want something — or someone, doesn’t necessarily mean we will magically manifest them into being. During Sun square Pluto, we get to see very clearly that the person we were hoping would fall smack dab in love with us…may not know we exist.

Nothing strange there, as this kind of long-distance ‘might be impossible’ love does exist, and if anything’s going to shine a light down on it, it would be the strong transit of Sun square Pluto. We’ve come to learn that squared transits tend to imply a conflict or a duality. In this case, what these three zodiac signs will have to accept is that what we want is directly in opposition to what we can have. OK then. Oh well.

It really is OK, though. We might not be able to secure the love we had in mind, but maybe that’s part of the plan, too, right? If everything has a purpose, even when we can’t possibly understand it in advance, then maybe we’re being ‘spared’ when we go for a love we can’t have, and we literally ‘can’t’ have it. This is a time for acceptance, and in this case, acceptance leads to personal growth and wisdom.

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Three zodiac signs stop loving the wrong person on April 21

1. Leo

You are fiercely loyal, and you sometimes like to think of yourself in an animalistic way, as if you mate for life, much like wolves do. You once fell in love with someone, and you had it in your mind that this was the person you were to be with forever. You might have even been in a relationship with them before, but they didn’t feel what you were feeling, so things eventually petered out into nothingness.

While that person may have moved on years ago, you still carry that torch for them, hoping that life will smile on you and bring them back to you once again. You’ve never gotten over this person, and even though you’ve spent time feeling angry over their departure, you have an even harder time coming to realize that this person isn’t coming back. Yes, still, you wait.

This is a love you cannot have, no matter how wonderful or brilliant or romantic you are, Leo. You know it now, and perhaps you always knew it. During Sun square Pluto, you will see very clearly that the love you want is never going to manifest in the way you want it to, and this may bring about the beginning of your acceptance. Eventually, you’ll be fine with all of it. Trust in this, Leo.

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2. Scorpio

In your case, Scorpio, you’ve been in love with someone from afar for a very long time. In your mind, you’ve come to believe that sooner or later, this person is going to see that you are not only there for them but ‘the one’ for them, even if you haven’t even met them yet. This doesn’t mean you’re a stalker or that you present in an unhealthy way. In fact, you are very careful not to come across as such a thing, but still, you feel that this person is somehow your ‘destiny.’ On April 21, you may discover they are not.

During Sun square Pluto, you may see a truth that upsets you, but you, being as strong as you are, will welcome that truth in, as it is most definitely the very thing that sets you free. This transit sheds light on the fact that you have to change your focus, as the person whom you wish to fall in love with has fallen in love with someone else, and that’s OK. Why is it OK, Scorpio? Because it has to be.

Sun square Pluto has you feeling strong again. You have come to realize that what you once wanted is no longer something you can have, and rather than waste any more precious time, you see that this is the pivotal moment for your change. You are now ready to move on. Yes, you loved this person, but you are not one to dwell on love that cannot be, and so, you free yourself during Sun square Pluto.

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3. Aquarius

You’ve loved someone for a long time and the last thing you ever want to find out is that they don’t take your love seriously, in fact, their take on you is not exactly romantic. You’ve held off from accepting this fact for so long. Still, you’re starting to grow weary of believing in a person who clearly has their mind set on things ‘other than you,’ and you, being an intelligent person, may decide that it’s time to end this unrequited love.

You may feel the influence of Sun square Pluto here, as this transit, in particular, is one that helps us see through our mistakes and prepares us for transformation. You don’t want to waste any more time. While you felt your time spent loving this person was worthy, and it was to a degree, you also think that you’ve finally ‘gotten the hint.’ The love you want is something you cannot have, but you are no fool, Aquarius, and so you take the hint.

While change is not your favorite thing in the world, you aren’t going to dwell on that which causes you frustration for too long, as this day has you realizing that the person you love has no time in their life for you. If that’s true, then you have to remove yourself from this equation. You are a self-respecting person who wishes to live a happy life, and your happiness depends on your ability to adapt to the idea that you cannot have the love you once wanted so desperately.

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