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3 Zodiac Signs Get An Upgrade To Their Love Lives The Week Of April 22 – 28


During the week of April 22 – 28, we are seriously going to see an upgrade in our romantic lives as so many of us are finally ready to either ‘take the plunge’ or open our hearts, in earnest, to the ones we love. We all know that communicating our deepest feelings with the people who make us the most vulnerable isn’t always the easiest thing to accomplish, yet this week seems to show us that it’s worth the risk.

April is definitely one of those months for love and romance as we all feel that love is in the air and that if there ever were a time to do things like propose marriage or ask our partners if they want to take whatever it is that we’ve built together to the next level, then it sure does feel right around this time of the year. With Summer coming up around the corner, we want to feel good about life, and during April 22 – 28, three zodiac signs will notice a marked and positive difference in our relationships.

We are very fortunate to see a full moon in Libra this week, as this is a major transit for lovers, and with Mercury going directly after a shaky retrograde season, we’ll find that we are at ease in the communication department. Yes, the person we are with has us in a vulnerable position, but that’s only because love does that to us. In a way, being vulnerable allows us to experience what life and love have to offer. During April 22 – 28, three zodiac signs will make the very best of it.

3 zodiac signs get a big upgrade to their love lives during the week of April 22 – 28, 2024:

1. Cancer

By the light of the silvery Full Moon, you’ll be seeking peace and happiness in your relationship this week, Cancer. Because you’re going about it in all the right ways, you’ll see that success is very easy to come by. It’s taken you a while to trust the person you are with entirely, and while you feel that you’ll never truly know this person inside and out, you’ve come to see that what you DO have with them is this wonderful feeling of equality.

Libra’s lunar energy works for you, and with Mercury out of retrograde, you’ll feel as though something is seriously clearing up in your relationship. You’ve got Jupiter trine Lilith helping you to state what’s on your mind very succinctly, and with that Sagittarius Moon coming your way, you’ll find that you’re able to direct all conversation back to love, peace, and happiness.

This week, you will notice something very noticeable: Cancer, the idea that you aren’t being distracted by stress or anxiety. You have found a way to compartmentalize your tension, and truly, so much of that is thanks to Mercury going Direct. What you know is that the person you are with is both a mystery and an open book, and all of it is special and sacred to you.

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2. Leo 

Because you rarely do anything ‘halfway,’ you will probably be amongst the Leos who ask for their partner’s hand in marriage this week. Hey, it sounds like a good idea to you. Who are you to deny yourself the corny pleasure of giving in to an idea that is so vastly romantic that your partner cannot possibly say no? You love them, and they love you, so if you happen to pop the question, the good on you, Leo!

You’ll be propelled into action during Mercury Direct and with Moon trine Mars backing up your amorous intentions. You will more than likely get the exact reaction you’re going for. This week is good for you, Leo, and if anything, you’ll see much smiling, tons of laughter, and some very positive energy flowing like nobody’s business.

As you approach the transit of Sun trine Moon, you’ll already know where this is heading, but this transit just kind of seals the deal for you. Both you and your partner are wacky risk-takers. You want that thrill of taking a chance, not knowing exactly where it will lead you. That’s what it’s like to be a Leo. You love it, and you love your partner enough to take them along for the ride.

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3. Pisces

What this week brings you is completion. You are now ready to be fully present with your romantic partner because you finally feel complete with the past. Perhaps you held on to the memory of a past love, and that has inhibited you with your present love. It is during Mercury Direct that you make peace with the past and set it free. In doing so, you open the gates to love in the present, and this is what you’ll see in abundance.

Everything feels fresh and new to you now. This is what literally stops you in your tracks and fills you with gratitude. You didn’t think you had it in you, or rather, you had no idea that you could love again or be as present in a romantic relationship as you are now. In fact, the whole thing surprises you so much that you feel youthful and childlike. You want to embrace this feeling and go with it.

What you didn’t know was that this is your natural state of being, Pisces and that you are here to experience love all through your life. You are no longer interested in withholding from your partner, and should the idea of marriage or long-term commitment come up during the week, then you’ll let your person know that, without hesitation, you’re in all the way—hook, line, and sinker.

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Ruby Miranda interprets the I Ching, Tarot, Runes, and Astrology. She gives private readings and has been an intuitive reader for over twenty years. 

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