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3 Zodiac Signs Have Bad Timing In Love On June 4, 2023, During Mercury Conjunct Uranus


On June 4, 2023, three zodiac signs have bad timing in love. Many of us will think in ways that may be impulsive or careless. We aren’t doing this intentionally, but we may suffer the consequences. Today’s transit, Mercury conjunct Uranus, sets the idea of rapid thinking and quick decision-making in motion. This doesn’t mean we are good at it; we are FAST at it. 

So much of our rapid thought process will go to decisions made about love. Love in the future, love right now, love that’s gone by … romance, passion, and relationship. We will be doing a lot of jumping to conclusions on this day, and so much of what we try to do may end up being something we would consider ‘bad timing.’

And, what is bad timing other than the result of leaping to conclusions? While having bad timing may feel like fate or something that is ‘meant to be,’ the reality behind bad timing while the transit Mercury conjunct Uranus is, in effect, generally means that we created the bad timing ourselves.

We jumped into something, or we didn’t think things out when it came to love and romance, and now, we are somehow in a precarious position. We might have wanted to meet with someone for the first time today, and during Mercury conjunct Uranus, we will see that we either get the date wrong or the place. After all, it’s a Mercury transit, which means communication distortion.

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Three zodiac signs will know what bad timing is today as they see their situations in love become confused, messed up, or put off altogether. The upside is that this is not a hugely tragic transit. We will have a few communication problems today and may even miss out on a perfect opportunity for love, but we’re not ruining anything. We’ve just got … bad timing.

Three zodiac signs have bad timing in love on June 4, 2023:

1. Virgo

(August 23 – September 22)

You’ll be flying by your intuition today because you feel you are the only one you can trust. You believe in yourself, and if decisions are to be made, you’d rather trust your gut feeling than follow some kind of rule set up for you to follow. What goes wrong today, June 4, 2023, is that you ‘assume’ someone you like feels the same about you. While they may indeed feel ‘something’ for you, the transit of Mercury conjunct Uranus makes it so that you overleap your bounds. 

It seems you’ve created a fantasy about this person in your head and didn’t consider that they aren’t co-creating it with you. This means that during Mercury conjunct Uranus, you will take the idea that this person loves you back for granted when they aren’t even slightly there yet. They may get there, but you will overstep your bounds on this day: bad timing, Virgo.

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2. Libra

(September 23 – October 22)

Bad timing hits you hard today, Libra, as you rush headlong into what you believe is the relationship of a lifetime. You somehow convince yourself that the person you’ve recently fallen in love with is the one for you, and you race into a relationship with them. It appears you are acting out of fear as if being alone is a fate worse than death. 

While this doesn’t seem all that ‘Libra,’ on June 4, it’s what Libra will be doing because during today’s transit, Mercury conjunct Uranus, you’ll make rash decisions that could change your life. You are acting out of desperation today, but you won’t be able to see it that way. You want this person as your romantic partner, but you haven’t really figured out what they want or if they’re even the best choice for you. I guess you’ll see, right?

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 – November 21)

You get a thrill out of making quick decisions because you feel like you are in control whenever you do. And that control doesn’t haven’t to come with a parade. What’s meant by this is that on June 4, 2023, you will join forces with someone whom you believe to be the right romantic partner for you. As soon as you think you’ve made the right move, you’ll instantly see where you’ve gone wrong.

What’s going on is that you can’t work well when Mercury conjunct Uranus rules the sky because what you think is good timing is almost ‘meant’ to prove you wrong. In love, you’ll automatically assume you are right and that nothing could go wrong, but on June 4, it will go wrong, and your timing will be so far off that you won’t understand what happened. Scorpio, the only thing that’s gone wrong is that you thought you could orchestrate this love affair when it’s not solely up to you.

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