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3 Zodiac Signs Hear From An Ex Who Wants Them Back On June 1


If you find that you’re saying, “I told you so,” many times throughout this day, you’re probably referring to what you say to a friend when you find out that your ex wants you back. You just KNEW this was coming, because you know your ex inside out; they can’t live without you.

And now, as it stands on this very first day of June, it seems that they WON’T live without you and they will let you know this. This ex of yours is going to say NO to the idea of breaking up; they let you have your fun, and this ‘faux’ break-up idea is for the birds. They want you back, and because they are under the pushy influence of Moon trine Saturn, they honestly believe they will get you back.

Will they? Is this person a super creep to you, are they someone you broke up with intentionally because you really couldn’t stand another millisecond with them? Or, are you really just like them; a game player who breaks up and makes up, breaks up and makes up…until the other person either gives in or gives us. Well, with Moon trine Saturn in the sky, it certainly does look like neither one of you is ready to ‘actually’ let go, and maybe in the long run, this is the better choice. You belong together, or rather…you deserve each other.

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Three zodiac signs will feel the pressure to get back together on this day, June 1. That pressure may give us an excuse to feel as though we are the strong one who says no to getting back together, but we know the truth: we want to be with them, and we’re secretly glad to have found out that they want us back. Phew! Which signs will find out that their ex is down for more?

Three zodiac signs hear from an ex who wants them back on June 1, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 – April 19)

Here’s a day that will boil your blood if you let it. You’re going to find out today that your ex has been talking about you to a friend that you have in common, and that they’ve expressed interest in getting back together with you. Well, well, isn’t that a laugh riot? What do they want to get back with you for? More cheating? More lying and heartbreak? This makes you laugh, but on June 1, you’re not just laughing; you are considering what they’ve requested with secret interest.

You still love this person, even though they were terrible to you. Why are you still interested, Aries? Have you not moved on yet? During the transit of Moon trine Saturn, you’ll feel that your usual stoic nature is weakening; do you want this person back in your life, and why? They can only do you wrong again…or can they? This one is your choice.

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2. Leo

(July 23 – August 22)

You don’t know what’s funnier, the idea that your ex wants you back or that it tugs the strings of your heart and has you wondering if that might indeed be a good idea. During the transit of Moon trine Saturn, you can’t help but remember what you and this ex of yours built together, and how much you put into the entire idea of being in a relationship.

You share so much in common with this person that on days like today, June 1, you tend to wonder what got into you that made you think you’d be better off apart. But no! Here come those ‘other thoughts’ and with them come the memory of what happened before the break up became official. Are you really up for going through all of that again, OR, have they changed? Have you changed? Is getting back with your ex something you want to do, or are you just flattered that it’s on their mind?

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 – January 19)

So, it seems that your ex is back in town and they want to get together. Here comes the flood of memories, both bad and good. What worries you on this day, June 1, 2023, is the good memories; they were so good, weren’t they? Going over pleasant memories of nice situations is par for the course with today’s transit, Moon trine Saturn. You have a great life with this ex, and suddenly, you’re finding it hard to remember why you broke up.

You have never been able to ‘replace’ them as they were always that one person who seemed to ‘get’ you. They knew you inside out; they honored the same values as you, and went for the same goals as you did. And yet, you did break up. Do you remember why you broke up? Was it ever resolved, and will it be a smart idea to get together with them again, if even to rehash old times? You’ll spend today wondering about all of this, Capricorn.

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