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3 Zodiac Signs Need Honesty In Their Relationships During The Scorpio Moon On May 30


Three zodiac signs need honesty in thier relationships during the Scorpio Moon on May 30, 2023. Scorpio is known for many things but one of the lesser-known attributes of this zodiac sign is in its need for honesty, loyalty, and devotion. 

When the Moon enters Scorpio, it becomes a transit of great and mysterious power, and for three zodiac signs, we will take those Scorpionic qualities to heart. Today, May 30, brings out a great need in many of us for the truth. We cannot abide by anything less and when our romantic relationships are the topic, then we will stand for nothing less than total honesty.

People who require total honesty in their relationship are usually people who have seen lies, betrayal and deception. During the Scorpio Moon, we may not necessarily be suspicious of our partners, but we went to set things straight for the future. Lies of any sort cannot be tolerated; The Scorpio Moon is strong in us, and it gives us the nerve to stand by our own words. We are not going to stand for dishonesty, and we do believe that being open and transparent is the only way to have a successful relationship.

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Now, not everyone agrees to that, which is also OK. Some like a little mystery; they don’t always want to know and they don’t always want to tell. However, the three signs that will express their need for honesty, today, will do so because they are compelled by the magnetic force that comes off of the Scorpio Moon. Today is the day that many strong things will be said; some will go for it, and some won’t, but the line has to be drawn somewhere, and with the Scorpio Moon as our marker, we might as well start today, May 30.

Three zodiac signs need honesty in their relationships on May 30:

1. Cancer

(June 21 – July 22)

If there’s one thing you can’t get into, it’s letting someone think they can get over on you by lying to you…especially if it’s within your romantic relationship. You are just one of those people who need to know the truth and live it. Deception is not cute or sexy to you in fact, it’s a deal breaker. It’s THE deal breaker deluxe and on May 30, your feelings will be backed up by the transit of the Scorpio moon, which will reinforce your need for honesty in a relationship.

While it’s not for sure that your partner has been dishonest, you have been picking up on something that smells fishy, and you suspect that your partner hasn’t come clean on something; they need to ‘fess up and they need to do it today, or else. You mean business with this one, Cancer. You are not here to be somebody’s fool. It’s truth or the door. Let that partner know.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 – November 21)

It doesn’t take much for you to take in all of the emotional fortitude that is provided to you by the Scorpio moon, and on this day, May 30, 2023, you will be feeling particularly strong…and forceful. Oh yes, you know very well what loyalty means to you; it’s the rubicon. Your romantic partner has to be loyal and devoted or there is no relationship. You let them know this right at the top too, and it looks like once again you may have to play ‘drill sergeant’ in order to establish your rules.

Rule number one: honesty, at all costs. And that means AT ALL COSTS. If your partner isn’t truthful with you, then you will end it. You aren’t waiting around for the right time; you are strict and severe and that’s probably what your partner likes about you anyway. But this is no game; you need honesty and devotion or the whole thing becomes a sham in your eyes.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 – December 21)

The days of being coy and giggling over a romantic partner’s desire to withhold information from you are long gone. You are no longer the person who accepts less than you deserve, and during the Scorpio moon, you feel extremely powerful and demanding — especially if you, yourself are on the cusp of Scorpio.

You feel that a relationship based on total honesty is a relationship that doesn’t come with heartbreaking surprises somewhere down the line, as you’ve come to see those surprises as both devastating and that which could have been avoided if the truth was spoken aloud.

And so, once again, you will voice this concern to your romantic partner as you are feeling rather strict today; you are not here to be the victim of a prank. You can be the sweetest human being on Earth, but only under honest and open conditions.

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