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3 Zodiac Signs Will Have Lucky In Love Horoscopes On May 31 During Moon Square Venus


With the Moon in Scorpio square Venus happening today — and tonight, May 31, 2023, this last day of May, let’s just say that our love lives will percolate. We may or may not be in love, but one thing is for sure; we may end up that way, that’s for sure. There’s a lot of passion in the air today; maybe it’s psychological…maybe we ‘feel’ that this is the last day of May and we want to step into June with all the trimmings.

Maybe, we want to give our lovers a night they can remember, and that night could very well be tonight. While Moon square Venus isn’t always the most ‘friendly’ of loving transits, it could set up an interesting dynamic for love and play.

The Scorpio Moon square Venus is here to wake us up and remind us that we’re not here to waste time — not in our love lives, that’s for sure.  This is the day when these three zodiac signs realize that it’s now or never and that if we don’t choose ‘now’ we may miss out on something that could potentially bring us closer together as a couple.

If we are looking for love, we may find it on this day; the ‘weather’ is fine, and the conditions are looking good. The only thing missing is our nerve and our tact; do we have the right stuff? We do. And certain signs of the Zodiac will bring the right stuff all the way home. Today is a great day for love, romance, and passion.

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And don’t think you’re going to get away with anything today — you’re not. Scorpio energy is going to make sure that if you get the nerve to actually do what you want to do with your romantic partner, you won’t be able to back out. This is definitely a two-way street, this love thing. Once your partner reads your mind, they’ll see right through you and that is when they will show you how much they approve. Which signs are up for a passionate night on this last day of May 31, 2023?

Three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on May 31, 2023:

1. Taurus

(April 20 – May 20)

The interesting thing about you is that you don’t necessarily have to be madly in love to be madly in passion, and today is going to prove that to you … and to your romantic partner. You and this person have been going through a few ‘disputes’ and there are times when you feel frustrated by them to the point of wanting to walk out the door.

Yet, you stay because you believe in them and you want things to continue. One of the best ways you can express yourself today, during the Scorpio Moon square Venus is in the bedroom, where you also just happen to be very good at. You believe in the human connection, and during this transit, you’ll see if you can rekindle what you hope is not lost. Guess what? That ol’ magic is still there … now to make something meaningful from this rekindled connection.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 – September 22)

On May 31, you’ll find that your sensual side has been awakened, once again, and that rather than fight it, you’ll give in to it. This will bring your romantic partner much joy as they may have begun to believe that you lost interest in them. And it’s not that you ever lost interest; it’s that time and the world took over and you just found yourself feeling…too tired to participate in anything much. What you didn’t realize is that you left your partner in the lurch…yet, they are still there, waiting for you.

You’ll experience a rush of energy, thanks to the Scorpio Moon square Venus, and it will manifest as a renewed interest in your partner…physically. Scorpio energy tends to do that; it revs up the passion even when we think that passion is dead. You will make both of your lives a much happier place to live and the attention you lavish on your partner will be very much appreciated.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 – March 20)

You’ve always been one to react well to the influence of Scorpio’s energy and today will be no different; things are looking up for you, Pisces, in terms of your romantic life. You have been wanting to spice things up for a while now, and this last day of May seems to have provided you with all the nerve and attitude you need. During the transit of Scorpio Moon square Venus, you’ll feel a bit daring as if you want to introduce your romantic partner to your other, darker side, and what do you know — they’re into it.

You and your mate may not need to be in love, but it certainly won’t hurt, as your physical bond grows today in ways you didn’t expect. Now you have something to look forward to. It seems this relationship of yours is boundless; today is an inspiration that lets you know that this is only the beginning.

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