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4 Zodiac Signs May Experience A Sad Breakup This June


Sad to say that four zodiac signs will end their relationships this month. It’s June, and many of us are pressured to ‘go with the flow’ and show the world how successful we are in love. June comes with that old push that lets us all think that we’re supposed to either get married or engaged during this time. Oh, the things we humans put ourselves through. So many ideals to live up to and expectations that we fall for, and yet, in the long run, we’re just human beings, and sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose. Losing love really isn’t losing. However, it’s just … life doing its thing. We aren’t victims here, but we feel like that sometimes, and even though we are conscious participants in the game of love, we do sometimes … lose.

Why would anyone want to know who will break up during June 2023? Several people would like to know, and most are curious because they suspect something like this might happen. Let’s look at what might push us into this category, where we are part of a couple that is somehow destined for an ending. We have many Venus transits going on during June of 2023, but for every Venus transit, there’s a Pluto aspect in there, and that may be why June holds so many endings for so many couples. We may see a few romantic breakups for the zodiac signs most affected by Pluto’s dark force. Is it a tragedy? No, it’s just life, and we are here for it.

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So, if your zodiac sign may not take too well to the lineup of negatively charged astrological transits, know this: everything that happens is meant to happen … because … how else could it be happening? Think about that. How else could a thing happen if it were not meant to happen?

While sad and heartbreaking, we must consider the breakups that happen for the four signs of the zodiac that will take place this June … maybe for a good reason, and while we may not know that reason today … we will. Everything happens for a purpose; in the long run, that purpose is … experience. Which four zodiac signs will ‘experience’ breaking up in June 2023?

Four zodiac signs may experience a sad breakup this June:

1. Taurus

(April 20 – May 20)

With five transits in Lilith during June of 2023 and so many Venus aspects coinciding, you will be more than tempted to end your relationship. Something in the air makes you feel like you need to get on the ball or stay trapped in something you know is no longer working for you. As you are a super loyal person, the entire concept of breaking up is horrifying to you, but sticking it out is something you recognize now as … impossible.

You almost feel you’re being called to this as if it’s unavoidable. You sense the summer coming on and don’t want to feel dread. You want to feel enthusiastic and in love, yet you can’t muster that up because it seems insincere. You will end your relationship, and even though you know it will break both hearts, you can’t deny that this must happen.

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2. Gemini

(May 21 – June 20)

You’ve got a lot of Gemini transits in your birth month, and with a Full Moon in your zodiac sign, you may find that you are under pressure to make a move. You have come to understand that your relationship may not be all you wanted it to be and that even though you now suffer from disappointment due to failed expectations, you do not see this working out between you.

Lilith transits really up the ante here, but placing you in bad arguments with your present partner and these lovers’ spats do not seem promising. You may have come to your final days together, and it will be around the time of the full Moon in Gemini that you and your person will call it quits. What’s good is that the feeling is mutual, but the hurt will be the same. This, too, shall pass, as they say, but you must go through it to get to it.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 – January 19)

Too much Pluto influence on your love life makes you feel oppressed and anxious, and whatever was in your heart before is now rising to the surface during June of 2023. What’s meant by that is that you have had many doubts about the longevity of this romantic relationship, mainly because the two of you leaped into it without really thinking things through.

You brought together all of your assets and joined as one, with the idea of living together until the end. You didn’t consider that you really aren’t all that compatible with this person. Romance and passion fooled you once again, and you both bought into it, but as it turns out, once the passion died, so did the friendship, and the remaining bonds are apparently on their last legs. This will become a break up by the end of the month.

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4. Pisces

(February 19 – March 20)

So much of what June is about for you is the idea of romantic love. You have fallen right into the expectation zone, where you thought you and your partner would somehow escape the nonsense of real life and relationships. You wanted the fantasy, and you wanted it to last, and with summer coming on, it’s now feeling more like dread and regret. 

Your last fight proved that there is nothing to look forward to. You know that ‘all couples fight,’ but do they really fight … this much? You don’t feel you were cut out for this kind of tension, and your partner seems unhappy. It’s time to face the music and consider breaking up as an honest option. Things aren’t getting any better, so it might be time to get real about what’s going on here.

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