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CBSE claims rise in pass percentage of CWSN students confirming progressive trajectory


By Aditya Wadhawan
While the recently announced CBSE 2023 results revealed a slightly lower pass percentage of Children with Special Needs (CWSN), the CBSE claims positive growth in their academic success.
In 2023, the overall pass percentage among general class X and XII students is 93.12% and 87.33% respectively. Whereas CWSN candidates had a pass percentage of 92.63% and 87.23% in class X and XII board results, respectively. This points to the fact that the gap between the pass percentage of general and CWSN candidates is not been too large. Also, the pass percentage for CWSN candidates this year has moderately dipped in comparison to 2019 by 3.36% and 3.02% in classes X and XII, respectively. CBSE has about 21 categories of physically challenged students.
Speaking to Education Times, Sanyam Bhardwaj, controller of examinations, CBSE, says, “A total of 7,286 CWSN registered for the class X board exams in 2023, out of which 7,154 appeared for the exam and 6,627 passed the exams, making the pass percentage 92.63%.”
For class XII, 5,757 CWSN registered for board exams in 2023 out of which 5,645 took the exam and 4,924 passed out making the pass percentage 87.23%. In the 2019 board exams, a total of 3,386 CWSN students registered for the class XII boards, 3,260 appeared in the exam and 2,942 passed which made the pass percentage to be 90.25%.
“A total of 5,352 CWSN students registered in class X board exams in 2019, 5,233 appeared in the exam while 5,023 students passed. The total pass percentage was 95.99%,” added Bharadwaj, underlining that the number of students passing the exams has been moderately decent.
“Results of CWSN students are at par with the other students. This confirms the academic progress. It also shows that CWSN students are equally sincere in studies and are performing at par with other students,” said Bhardwaj.

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