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Challenging Horoscopes Ahead For 3 Zodiac Signs During The Full Moon In Virgo On February 24


We have a Full Moon in Virgo, the Moon opposite Saturn, and Venus square Jupiter all impacting horoscopes on February 24, 2024. With all of this going on ‘up there,’ we can probably assume there will be challenges ahead. For three zodiac signs, this day will be dedicated to keeping our cool and not letting things get the better three specific zodiac signs.

Taurus, Leo and Virgo will have challenging horoscopes on Saturday, but they are tough enough to solve many problems before the day ends.

Being that it’s a Virgo Full Moon, we’ve already got that ‘moon madness’ that we’re all somewhat acquainted with. With this Moon in Virgo being opposite Saturn, we see how certain individuals don’t take no for an answer. even when the answer is clearly and definitively a ‘no.’ And with Venus square Jupiter thrown into the mix, we might be able to assume that all of this has something to do with love. Uh oh.

So, if it’s all about ‘no’ and not wanting to take it, then the only thing that’s going to get us to the other side safely is the idea that we’re going to have somehow to get ourselves to the point of either compromise or acceptance. OK, that shouldn’t be too hard to do, right? Let’s see how this plays out for these three zodiac signs on February 24, 2024.

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Three zodiac signs with challenging horoscopes due to the Full Moon in Virgo on February 24, 2024:

1. Taurus 

A lot is going on during this day, February 24, 2024. You might not feel all that comfortable with it. What you might find is that your frustration with others might just get to you in such a way that you want to either shut down on those who bother you or walk away from them, which isn’t going to work, either. During the Full Moon in Virgo, you’ll see those around you as incapable, and you might even develop a superiority complex. If only for the day.

You are going to fall victim to your own set of expectations as you find yourself not being able to tolerate the actions or behaviors of certain co-workers. Because you don’t want to lose your job, you’ll play along, but just barely. Keep in mind that this is a work situation, Taurus. You can’t just ‘walk away’ even if the powers that come with the Full Moon in Virgo have you feeling angsty or rebellious.

What you can work on to make it better: Take time to realize that this is just a mood and that it will absolutely pass. Also, try to dig deep into yourself to gather up some compassion. Right now, you’re judging others, but are they really as bad as all that? People indeed get on your nerves during the Full Moon in Virgo. Recognize this as a passing phase and certainly one that will not last long.

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2. Leo 

With Venus square Jupiter taking the lead in your life, you might take on an air of confidence on Saturday, February 24, 2024, that someone in your life may feel the need to either bring down or challenge you for reasons only they know. What hits you the wrong way and could perhaps bring out your darker side is that you don’t need to be ‘taught’ a lesson by this person. In fact, you were doing beautifully without their ‘help.’

The Full Moon in Virgo works on your temper, and you may find that you can’t hold yourself back. You wonder why this person had to open their mouth and say what they said, considering that all you wanted to do on this day was show off a little about your precious love life. You weren’t trying to shove your happiness down someone else’s throat, and you may feel sorry that you even tried to share.

What you can work on to make it better: One thing you can do is resort to thoughts of the loved one that you had originally wanted to talk about. It’s OK if this other person feels jealous or envious of your love life. That’s something they are going to have to work out for themselves. But this really doesn’t affect the reality of what you experience, so feel grateful that you have what you have, as no ‘words’ can tear it apart.

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3. Virgo 

If you come home and show the people in your household that you are a nervous wreck, then you need to prepare for an intervention. Nobody wants to see you feeling this scattered or unnecessarily nervous. During the Full Moon in Virgo, you’ll definitely be on edge. All the worries of the world will come forth and make a highly dramatic appearance.

You may find that the only way you can cope with your overload of worries and nervous energy is by spewing it out as soon as you find someone you can trust. It’s OK to do so as long as the person who receives your burden is aware that you simply need to vent. Venting is super important to you, so do your best to get it out of your system without making it a personal assault on the listener.

What you can work on to make it better: One thing that always works for you, Virgo, is seeing the eyes of the person you are venting to and recognizing the love in those eyes. Understand that no matter how you feel right now, you are loved, and you are not alone. This will all pass, and you will be able to resume your regular personality very shortly. It’s good to get your emotions out of your system. Be grateful that you can do such a good thing for yourself.

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