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Chinese Airline Slammed For Policy To Suspend Overweight Flight Attendants




Chinese Airline Faces Backlash For Policy To Suspend Overweight Flight Attendants

Many slammed the airline for its policy.

An airline in China is receiving criticism for its policy of suspending “overweight” flight attendants. After the policy became public this month, the news about Hainan Airlines’ “weight reference standard” quickly started gaining traction on social media. Many slammed the airline for its policy, however, the company has since then defended its move, as per a report in CNN.

Hainan, one of the biggest airlines in China, implemented the new rule in early June that threatened to suspend female flight attendants if their weight went over the “standard limit”. According to Global Times, the restriction was one of many larger guidelines on appearance placed on cabin crew, with the “standard” weight determined by height. For example, a flight attendant would need to weigh approximately 48 kilograms if she was 5 feet 2 inches tall, which is the average height of an adult Chinese woman.

The outlet stated that cabin crew who weighs 10 per cent more than the requirement will be immediately suspended and put on a “weight-reduction plan” under the company’s supervision, while those who weigh less than five per cent than the standard level will have their weight checked regularly and face a review. Regardless of gender, the policy applies to all cabin crew.

Hainan Airline in a statement to CNN, said, “This is intended to advocate healthy living habits and maintain a good professional image and healthy physique by anchoring the reference target, rather than passively waiting for individual crew members’ physique to change significantly and then affect safety service work.”

The airline added that the guidelines are used to assess and manage the crew’s “health, physical shape, and posture.” The standard is “based on the standard human body weight reference and matched with the healthy weight range measurement for the crew.”

Several internet users slammed the airline for the move.

“This shameful move by Hainan Airlines both saddens & disgusts,” commented a user.

“I just need the flight attendant to be fully qualified in professional knowledge, well-practised in safety procedures, and wear the most suitable shoes and clothes for emergencies. Her weight is none of my business,” said a user on China’s Weibo.

A third person wrote, “Apply the same rule to the pilots and see what happens, but they won’t as there’s not enough pilots globally to fill the current slot and they wouldn’t dare. Hainan Airlines restricting the calorific intake of cabin crew is a significant flight safety issue.”

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