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Chinese Influencer Dies After Drinking Too Much Alcohol In Viral Challenge




Chinese Influencer, 27, Dies After Binge-Drinking Alcohol In Viral Challenge

The account that he used to post short videos has since been banned

A popular live-streamer and influencer in China has died after gulping down copious amounts of potent liquor, New York Post reported. His death comes days after another 34-year-old influencer also died in a similar fashion.

The tragic news was confirmed by the 27-year-old’s wife in a statement to local media outlet Jimu News, Asia’s Straits Times reported. 

The influencer named Zhong Yuan Huang Ge, also known as Brother Huang to his 176,000 social media followers, died on June 2 after binging excessive amounts of Baijiu, during a viral drinking challenge. The dangerous challenge involves drinking Baijiu, a Chinese spirit with a typical alcohol content of between 30% to 60%. 

In one video, Mr. Huang was seen downing baijiu and lighting tissue paper soaked in alcohol, while another clip showed a stack of dozens of bottles.

The internet star’s wife surnamed Li, revealed that her husband was desperately trying to earn money through live-streaming to repay the debt that he incurred before his marriage. 

Notably, Mr Huang had just built a new house in the village this year and the couple was planning to earn some money in order to renovate it after sending their son to kindergarten this year. His wife said she would work for the rest of her life to pay off her husband of eight years’ debts, according to Straits Times.

Meanwhile, the account that he used to post short videos has since been banned, Ms. Li told Jimu News.

His death comes after a live streamer surnamed Wang was found dead on May 16 after drinking at least seven bottles of baijiu spirits on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok. He was found dead 12 hours after the broadcast, Chinese media reported.

Mr. Huang was a good friend of Wang and had even attended his funeral, according to China media outlet Southern Metropolis Daily. During the ceremony, he allegedly pledged to consume less alcohol. 

Both these deaths, in the span of one month, have now sparked huge scrutiny of the safety and regulations of such apps. 

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