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Ex Professional Wrestler The Father Of US Congresswoman? DNA Test Says No




Ex Professional Wrestler Stan Lane Takes Second DNA Test After Lauren Boebert Paternity Allegations

The allegation against Stan Lane were levelled by Ms Boebert’s mother.

A former professional wrestler has taken a second conclusive DNA test to prove he is not the father of American politician and Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert, according to a report in Independent. The need for the test arose due to a claim made by Ms Boebert’s mother, Shawn Roberts Bentz. She alleged that Stan Lane, now 69, had a “brief affair” with her in the 1980s and accused him of fathering a child while he was working for Championship Wrestling in Florida, the outlet further said.

Ms Boebert has accepted the result.

“I can confirm that Stan Lane is not my biological father. I personally have never publicly claimed he was my father – but certainly, that allegation is out there,” Ms Boebert told The Daily Beast.

The accusation stem from a short affair between Ms Bentz and Mr Lane, who she met while working for Championship Wrestling.

A court had ordered the paternity test decades ago, and it had showed that Mr Lane was not the father of Ms Boebart. But doubts persisted as Ms Bentz learned that the lab worker who took the wrestler’s blood sample was later convicted of taking a bribe to switch vials in another case, The Daily Beast report said.

The phlebotomist died by the time Ms Bentz made the discovery (more than two decades later) and demanded a DNA test with a petition in the court.

Mr Lane then agreed to take a second DNA paternity test, which concluded that he had a “0.0% chance of being the biological father,” he said.

The former wrestler issued a statement saying that he welcomed the end of the “stressful” ordeal.

“This situation and the numerous false claims made against me over the years has been stressful for me and my family. I feel my otherwise good reputation has been tarnished considerably. I and other close members of my inner circle have been dragged into this as well,” he said.

Mr Lane was a tag team specialist in the world of professional wrestling. In 1993, he moved to World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as a broadcaster and followed this career path for more than a decade.

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