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‘Hero’s within us,’ an achievement to be cherished


Ashita Agarwal from the Victorious Kidss Educare school is ecstatic as she recently had her newly published book, “Hero’s Within Us,” an achievement to be cherished. A statement issued by the school said that Ashita’s parents expressed their gratitude towards the school principal for identifying their daughter’s talent and motivating her to shape it further. Ashita’s knack for storytelling and oratory skills were noticed by her parents at a young age, and they took the initiative to nurture it.
Ashita said, “The book took seven months to complete and I feel very content and proud of this achievement. The book showcases my thought process and positivity towards life.”
Ashita’s thought process, her journey, and her outlook toward life have been reflected in the book. It is an inspiration to all and encourages everyone to bring out the hero within themselves. The book is only for in-house store.
President of the school, Robbin Ghosh said, “We applaud her dedication, hard work, and achievement, as well as her parents’ unwavering support and guidance. We firmly believe that every child has the potential to be great, and it is our duty to identify and encourage them to pursue their dreams.”

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