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How to prepare for CAT Quantitative Aptitude?


The Common Admission Test (CAT) is among the most challenging exams at the post-graduation level. This year, IIM Lucknow will conduct the CAT 2023 on November 26.
The CAT syllabus includes three sections, namely; Quantitative Aptitude (QA), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) and Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC).
The Quantitative Aptitude (QA) sections in the CAT examination include questions from various topics, including Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Modern Mathematics, and Number Systems.Looking at the previous year’s trends, the Arithmetic section has the height weightage while Modern Mathematics and Number System has the lowest. The Quantitative Aptitude section in the CAT exam evaluates candidates on their mathematical and analytical skills.

CAT Quantitative Aptitude syllabus
Geometry Ratios and Proportion Inequalities
Trigonometry In-equations Quadratic and Linear Equations Work and Time
Algebra Surds and Indices Percentages
Mensuration Time-Speed-Distance Logarithms
Partnership (Accounts) Number System Square Root and Cube Root
Profit & Loss Geometric Progression Simple Interest and Compound Interest
Mean, Mode, Median Binomial Theorem Probability

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CAT 2022 Topic Wise Weightage for Quantitative Aptitude (Slot-I)

Number of Questions
Weightage (%)
Arithmetic 8 36
Geometry and Mensuration 3 14
Algebra 8 36
Modern Math 2 9
Number Systems 1 5

Tips to better prepare for CAT Quantitative Aptitude Section
Understand the basics
Before moving to the complex ideas, ensure that you understand fundamental subjects like algebra, arithmetic, geometry, and trigonometry. Many resources like textbooks, online guides, and practice problems can assist with this.
Grasp concepts thoroughly
Instead of just memorizing formulas, invest time in understanding the principles behind them. This will help in applying the formulas to a wider range of problems. Practice solving various problems related to these concepts once you understand them.
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Improve quick calculation skills
Given the time constraints in the CAT exam, it’s vital to be able to calculate rapidly and accurately. Regularly practice mental math and utilize shortcuts whenever possible.
Work on diverse question types
Avoid focusing solely on one kind of question. Practice with various question formats to familiarize yourself with different types and difficulty levels.
Take practice tests
Practice exams are excellent for evaluating your progress and pinpointing areas that need improvement. Take multiple practice tests and thoroughly analyze your results.
Effectively manage your time
Time management is key for success in the QA section. Learn to pace yourself and avoid spending excessive time on any single question.
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