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Italian Acrobat’s 205-Metre Walk On Tightrope 140 Metres Above Ground




Italian Acrobat Andrea Loreni's 205-Metre Walk On Tightrope 140 Metres Above Ground

Andrea Loreni performed the stunt on a rope tied to two skyscrapers in Milan.

Andrea Loreni, Italy-based tightrope walker, has created a national record by walking 205 metres among the skyscrapers of Milan on a rope tied at a height of 14 metres. Mr Loreni covered a distance of 205 metres when he successfully completed the task on Friday, according to Vogue Italy. The starting and finishing points were respectively the Bosco Verticale and the UniCredit Tower, the tallest building in Italy. The acrobat performed the feat during the opening of BAM Circus on May 26.

The circus was organised at Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano or The Tree Library in Milan.

“It was an intense journey, a profound adventure,” Mr Loreni was quoted as saying by Vogue Italy.

“What prompted me to do street theatre is the fact that in an instant thousands of people find themselves united in a common sentiment, which is a rare thing. And that’s what happened tonight at BAM. It’s the beauty of culture,” he added.

The circus festival ran for three days – till May 28.

The circus festival was conceived and directed by Francesca Colombo, Director General of Culture, along with Riccardo Catella Foundation, reported Sky News.

The organisers had put up giant screens for people to enjoy the show live. Close-up images of Mr Loreni walking the tightrope was beaned on these giant screens leading to applause from the audience. 

The music for the circus was composed and performed by composer and pianist Cesare Picco, who provided a real music experience according to Mr Loreni’s walk.

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