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JEE Main 2024 Session 2: 6 Tips to Solve Physics Numerical Problems Quickly


NEW DELHI: The National Testing Agency (NTA) is set to conduct the JEE Main 2024 Session 2 from April 4 to April 15, 2024. The agency has not yet announced the specific dates for the B.Tech/B.E. and B.Arch/B.Planning exams within that window. Candidates who will appear for the Joint Entrance Examination Main April Session 2024 must be immersed in the last week preparation.
The JEE Main exam consists of two papers: Paper 1 and Paper 2.Paper 1 is for those who want to pursue B.E./B.Tech programs, while Paper 2 is for those who want to pursue B.Arch/B.Planning programs.
Paper 1 (B.E./B.Tech): This paper is three hours long and consists of three sections: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Each section has 20 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), of which five are numerical type.
Paper 2 (B.Arch/B.Planning): This paper is two and a half hours long and consists of three sections: Mathematics, Drawing Test, and Planning Aptitude Test. The Mathematics section has 25 MCQs, and the Drawing Test and Planning Aptitude Test consist of aptitude-based questions.
In this article, we will provide you with six invaluable tips to enhance your problem-solving abilities, enabling you to tackle Physics numerical problems efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re aiming to improve your speed, accuracy, or overall performance in the Physics section of the JEE Main exam, these tips will help you excel in the exam.
Here are 6 tips to solve Physics numerical problems quickly;
Understand Concepts Thoroughly
Ensure you have a strong understanding of the underlying physics concepts involved in each numerical problem. This will help you identify the appropriate formulas and approach to solve the problem efficiently.
Practice Regularly
Regular practice is key to improving speed and accuracy in solving numerical problems. Work on a variety of problems from different topics to develop a diverse skill set.
Memorise Key Formulas
Memorise essential formulas and equations relevant to each topic in physics. This will help you quickly identify the formula needed to solve a problem without wasting time.
Break Down the Problem
Break down complex problems into smaller, manageable parts. Identify what information is given and what needs to be found to solve the problem step by step.
Use Approximations Wisely
In multiple-choice questions, use approximations or estimation techniques to eliminate obviously incorrect answer choices. This can help you narrow down options and save time.
Focus on Units and Dimensions
Pay attention to units and dimensions while solving numerical problems. Ensure that all quantities are in consistent units and dimensions to avoid calculation errors.

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