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June Horoscopes May Bring Relationship Conflict For 3 Specific Zodiac Signs


It would be impossible to predict the degree of negativity a month might contain accurately. Still, certain transits are coming up in June of 2023, telling us that it will not be a bed of roses for three zodiac signs. That’s not to say that the entire month will be dreadful or even rough, but more along the lines of pointing out that certain days of this month will have certain qualities that we can call … less than desirable.

Then again, isn’t that just the way it goes? Life never really promises nonstop ‘good times,’ so as we go over the transits that influence us during June ’23, we can at least see what might get in our way of trying to create those ‘good times.’

What’s noticeable about the cosmic lineup for June is that there is a lot of conflicting energy due to several Mercury transits mixed with Pluto. With Lilith as an aggressive agent, we can definitely translate these three aspects as the kind that stimulate bad communication and angry behavior.

There will be a lot of ‘my way or the highway’ going on during June of ’23. Certain zodiac signs will be very hesitant to give in, and pride will lead the pack in terms of how we simply won’t back down. We will go so far to defend ourselves — even when we know we’re wrong — and in doing so, we may destroy so much of the good we’ve created. All because of pride and arrogance.

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So much of the arrogance we will experience during this time is due to an inability to face facts. We may see something ugly in ourselves and not want to face it. This is very much how the Lilith transits work. And with ten Mercury transits to work with, so much of this month will go to time-wasting and willful ignorance. We don’t want to admit we’re wrong, and in doing so, we lose friends, lovers and opportunities. Which three zodiac signs will experience the downside of June?

June horoscopes may bring conflict in relationships and life for three zodiac signs:

1. Cancer

(June 21 – July 22)

With summer and your birthday approaching, you might grapple with issues like … ‘What is my purpose?’ While you don’t ordinarily like to put that much pressure on yourself, there’s something about the middle month of June that makes you feel like …’ what am I going to do with the rest of the year?’ When you think like that, you start getting anxious for answers that you can’t seem to find.

June brings you an exorbitant amount of worry, and while you are tempted to share your thoughts with friends, you don’t feel as though you could accept what they say if they are going to help. In other words, you block them before they can help, giving you even more ‘sulk’ space. It’s not that you want to sulk, but June will have you choosing to feel sorry for yourself much more than it will have you making moves to spare yourself the pain.

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2. Leo

(July 23 – August 22)

You adore the idea of summertime, and while you play well during both Gemini and Cancer seasons, you might feel as though you are better than others during June. This never fares well, as very few people want to be subordinate to you. You feel as though you need to strike while the iron is hot and that there are opportunities all around you — and there are. However, you don’t think twice about breaking dates or failing to show up for other people’s important events.

You are way too worried about missing out on something that would benefit you, but you are not concerned at all about the feeling of others. While you feel ‘they’ need to lighten up, your actions will make many people mad at you and think you’re arrogant and prideful.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 – November 21)

What makes June a little harder for you, Scorpio, is that you tend to get anxious during the summertime, mainly because you see people starting to slow down, and if they slow down, your life will be affected. You will spend a lot of time during June overthinking things to the point where you start writing the script of other people’s lives. You will begin to believe your paranoias, even though none are relevant or even happening.

You will manifest obstacles in your life because you anticipate stalling and the canceling of plans. Communications are one-sided, and while this doesn’t take over your entire month, you will see that you are the only one you consider during this time. You are definitely in the mindset of being ‘the one who is always right’ due to the many Mercury transits in effect.

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