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Love Horoscope For September 4, 2023, During Venus Square Jupiter

The love horoscope for September 4, 2023 is here bringing insightful wisdom to our relationships during the Sun in Virgo, the Moon in Taurus and Venus squaring Jupiter, which is now retrograde. Venus square Jupiter is not as bad as it may seem. While we will have to work hard for the love we want, there’s a good return for our collective investment.

What today’s love horoscope has in store for each zodiac sign on Monday, September 04, 2023:



You’ve got a big heart, Aries, and sometimes when it comes to love you can be both charming — and demanding, but in a good way. Today’s Jupiter retrograde brings out a side of you that needs a bit of nurturing from your mate. If you’re single, you may feel a tad bit lonely and wonder if you’re lovable or if you’ll be single forever. Here’s a reminder. It’s so easy to fall in love with you today. You’re charming and quick witted. It takes time to find the one who can appreciate all you bring to a relationship.

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You are an intuitive personality, Taurus, and when something isn’t right, your heart knows. Today’s Jupiter retrograde stirs a desire to foster closeness and to be affirmed for who you are.

You can’t turn someone into who you want them to be, but don’t worry about things you can’t control. Try to be the one who invites solutions, especially when you’re the first to spot and bring up a problem. As you get to know yourself better, show your partner how to love you right.

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You are friend to all, Gemini, and unless someone does something that you cannot forgive, a person that’s your friend is a friend for life. Today, friendship may grow into something more.

This is a great way to start a new relationship. Let your love grow naturally. Don’t push it. Instead, use your strongest personality trait: the ability to talk about anything. Stir a conversation with the person you love. Use this time to send a short funny text and see what happens.

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You love to have fun with people you care about, and sometimes when money gets tight, you still want to socialize but you also don’t want to propose an expensive outing. You’d prefer to invite others to your house for games, fun and pizza. Today, you’ll need to compromise when it comes to love. Think outside of the box. Date night can be fun today. Aim to do something that you both have never done. Be creative.

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Love and respect go hand-in-hand, Leo. You desire to feel respected, but you also realize how important it is to connect with family each day. Attract people into your life that want the same things you want, and once you have built a certain level of trust, incorporate family and friend get togethers. Find a way to increase laughter in your love life. Watch comedy together. Tell jokes. Give your partner a reason to laugh with you. It will bring you both closer.

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You learn by loving others, Virgo, and sometimes you’ll make mistakes. Today, as you learn to navigate your love life, release the need to control the outcome. Some relationships take longer to grow into a long-term commitment. Taking things slow can be what makes your love last longer than others.

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You have acquired so much for yourself, and now you’re ready to share it with someone you love. Be thankful for your love today. It’s takes a small amount of energy to let your significant other know you care about them. Each day you are able to show your love, you bring out more love in return for you to share.

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It’s going to be OK, Scorpio, but it can be hard to let go of the memories. A breakup happened for a good reason. You may not understand why things no longer remained the same. But looking back wishing that you had what you used to share will bring you more sadness. You have both grown into new people, and this new you needs to be loved differently now.

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You’ve got such an independent attitude and love for freedom. You learn to love your single life a bit more today. You enjoy the freedom you experience in your life. You aren’t afraid to do the things you want to do because it upsets someone else. Instead, you get to live life on your own terms. Yay!

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Romance is here, and you may be feeling the call to adventure thanks to Jupiter retrograde in Taurus. You’ll want to start with defining what love means for you both and how to communicate your needs.

You don’t have to work for love, Capricorn. You can embrace love on a new level when you free yourself from trying to earn it from a partner. You can be yourself, and be loved for you. That’s the way it’s meant to be.

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You think differently from others when it comes to marriage. Marriage is a big deal. You may feel like you’re fully ready to be in a relationship with someone long-term. Today, ask your significant other the questions you need answered to find out if you’re both on the same page. Don’t assume that they are ready to take things to the next level until you’ve dived into their thoughts further.

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You have a big heart, Pisces, which is why you often forgive people who have hurt you, even when they don’t deserve it. Sometimes people do things that they regret and they don’t ask for an apology. Fear can hold your relationship back, when this happens. If you’re curious about what’s happening in their heart, all you need to do is ask. Your question may open the door to a healing conversation.

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Aria Gmitter, M.S, M.F.A., is YourTango’s Senior Editor of Horoscopes and Spirituality. She studies with the Midwestern School of Astrology and is a member of the South Florida Astrological Association.

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