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Love Horoscopes For November 21, 2023 Fosters Trust


The love horoscope for November 21, 2023 encourages trust and compassion in our relationships. Here’s what this means for each zodiac sign in astrology.

What today’s love horoscope has in store for each zodiac sign on Tuesday, November 21, 2023:



Take your time to get to know someone. While the Moon is in Pisces, you can fall for an illusion in love. There may be blind spots that you miss when dating and meeting someone new. Time can give you the opportunity to experience some of life with a potential partner so you’re able to get to know the core of their character and see beyond a first impression.

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Friends are a good source of information when it comes to vetting out a potential mate. Pay attention to what others say and listen to feed back if concerns are raised. You may also hear good things about a possible dating relationship from friends and family. Either way, listen to others and be willing to receive feedback.

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Ego can blind you from a problem, Gemini. It’s so easy to get offended by a person you care for, especially if they are pointing out a problem that you don’t see or feel can’t be fixed. Put things into perspective. Do you want to put the relationship as a priority or your pride?

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It’s good to work on yourself when you’re in a long-term relationship or single and looking. By studying your life, and who you are you are better equipped to express empathy and to be a supportive partner. You don’t always have to learn from your own experiences. Read a good book on relationships. You can save time and gain wisdom from others and their collective observations.

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You want love that helps you to become a better person. Today you may see into the intent of a mate. Their actions toward you can demonstrate a sincere desire to see you be the best you can be at work or even in your friendship circles and personal life. However, during the Pisces Moon, any negative intentions could become more aware.

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It’s a wonderful day to do something fun and playful with your significant other. Go to a weekday movie show. Visit with relatives that you won’t connect with over the holiday. Make plans to remain connected and show your love.

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Be cautious with the type of promises you plan to make to someone in your relationship. Be sure that the type of promise you make is one that you are comfortable keeping. You don’t want to promise big and then deliver small. It’s better to speak little and deliver much more, even when it comes to love.

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Even a healthy relationship can benefit from meeting with a couple’s therapist. You may be thinking about exploring the next phase of your relationship. A life coach can be a helpful advocate on how to work on communication or dynamics where you feel less satisfied.

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It’s wonderful to talk about how happy you with your mate when you attend work. Some of your colleagues may appreciate or value the idea of bing a family-like environment. However, it can be best to leave your problems at home. You may not want to open up about them at work, so be careful. It could become a source of gossip.

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It’s easier to tell if someone is being insincere or showing signs of honesty or dishonesty. When asking for an answer, pay attention to the body language of your partner. Lies will have tells and be fairly obvious, thanks to the Moon in Pisces today.

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It’s a perfect day for holiday shopping or going out and finding a holiday tree. You may be at risk for putting things off until tomorrow instead of doing what you need to do now. Be aware of pitfalls that may derail your schedule. Stick to your plan for success.

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You feel on top of the world when the Moon is in your sign, Pisces. This is a wonderful time to do some deep healing work. Focus on self-love and self-care activities. Enjoy some me-time and quality time doing something good for yourself.

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Aria Gmitter, M.S, M.F.A., is YourTango’s Senior Editor of Horoscopes and Spirituality. She studies with the Midwestern School of Astrology and is a member of the South Florida Astrological Association.

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