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Man With “Crocodile-Like Skin” On His Struggle: “Clothes Hurt So Bad”




Man With 'Crocodile-Like Skin' On His Struggle: 'Clothes Hurt So Bad'

Jimmy has been facing this condition for years.

A man with an acute condition of rough skin is facing problems in day-to-day life. Jimmy’s body is covered in dry skin that often bleeds due to itching and he can’t even wear clothes. He recently opened up about the “living hell” he faces due to the “crocodile-like skin”. In a preview clip, posted on Instagram, he is seen scratching all over his dry body, to the point where he causes himself to bleed as he peels his own skin off.

“These bumps are all over my legs, my arms, my back, my chest, feels like I’m running my fingers over a crocodile,” the man is heard saying in the clip.

“Being in my skin, it’s an itchy hell,” he further says.

Jimmy visited dermatologist Sandra Lee, popularly known on as Dr Pimple Popper due to a show she hosts on TLC America, to get himself treated.

He was quoted as saying by Metro: “Everyday it’s a hell waking up, I know I’m going to be scratching and what not, I try to occupy my mind with other things just to keep my mind off it.”

Jimmy added that 90 per cent of his body is covered in dry skin. He also explained why he is not able to wear proper clothes.

“Clothes hurt so bad, I have to wear shorts and no shirt or just a tank top,” said Jimmy.

“The worst part of my body are my legs. With the scratching and everything, if I don’t keep my fingernails short, I’m just ripping the skin and sometimes it bleeds really badly,” he added.

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