NBCC ties-up with hungarian company to indigenise non-tectonic technology for mass housing projects

NBCC, State-owned Navratna CPSU under the Ministry of Urban Development, has today signed an MoU with an Hungarian Company, M/s Gremound Engineering Ltd., for partnership in introducing new construction technology in India for implementation of Mass Housing Projects in the country.

Graced by Peter Szijjarto, Minister of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Govt. of Hungary and Dr. Anoop Kumar Mittal, Chairman-cum- Managing Director, NBCC (India) Ltd., the MoU was signed by Rajendra Chaudhari,

Director (Commercial), on behalf of NBCC and Laszlo Farkas, Managing Director, Gremound, on behalf of their Company. Ambassador of Hungary to India; Deputy State Secretary; Ministerial Commissioner of the Govt. of Hungary; Directors and Senior Executives of NBCC and Gremound were also present on the occasion.

The new construction technology named Non-Tectonic System, has been developed by Gremound and is designed to build liveable houses in Mass quantities at extra speed, through setting up of a factory that would produce modules, suitable for building housing units of any category and shape.

nbccThe Gremound Non-Tectonic System is based on two fundamental technologies called GYPSUM TECHNOLOGY & CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY. Gremound has a unique concrete technology that uses special recipe for faster construction of Mass Housing Projects. In fact, one factory set up for the purpose is able to produce 10,000 housing units per year. NBCC’s partnering with Gremound for bringing in the Non- Tectonic Technology System in India would open up a huge opportunity for the Company in its participation in the Government’s ‘Housing for all by 2022’ initiative, since the application of the technology shall make the construction faster, cost effective and qualitatively superior.

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