NCLT transfers 8 of its Members

The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) has notified on April 30 the transfer of eight of its Members.

As per the Office Order members who have been transferred are as follows:

1. Mohammed Ajmal, Member (Judicial) – NCLT Amravati to NCLT Mumbai

2. BP Mohan, Member (Judicial) – NCLT Mumbai to NCLT Amravati

3. Virendra Kumar Gupta, Member (Technical) – NCLT Kolkata to NCLT Ahmedabad

4. Narender Kumar Bhola, Member (Technical)- NCLT Hyderabad to NCLT New Delhi

5. Veera Brahma Rao Arekapudi, Member (Technical) – NCLT Kochi to NCLT Hyderabad

6. Sucharita R, Member (Judicial) – NCLT Cuttack to NCLT Chennai

7. Prasanta Kumar Mohanty, Member (Technical) – NCLT Ahmedabad to NCLT Guwahati

8. Venkata Subha Rao Hari, Member (Judicial) – NCLT Guwahati to NCLT Mumbai

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