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Relationships End Abruptly For 4 Zodiac Signs The Week Of May 29 – June 4, 2023


During the week of May 29 through June 4, 2023, many of us will make some firm decisions that will affect the rest of our lives, and those choices will begin and end with what we are about to do in terms of our romances. Are we happy right now? Is the condition of our present love life all we want it to be, and if not, are we willing to stick with it and try…or are we at the place where we know without any shadow of a doubt that what we have now must change, and change radically.

This may very well be the week where we notice something huge has happened; we have fallen out of love, and we don’t know what to do about it. This is hard to deal with, and we have many transits accompanying our journey this week that will push us over the edge if we’re not careful. But then again, we may just want to be pushed over that edge.

One thing is clear, we will be arguing. We are chock full of opposition transits and those oppositions all revolve around communication, honesty and the need to be understood. For couples who have been going through hard times, this could be the week that shows us what we’re really made of, and if we have fallen out of love with the person we’re with, the glue that holds it all together will be noticeably weakened. We are losing our grasp; we are losing our dedication to commitment, and that is when it all starts falling apart…in earnest.

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Many of us will feel bad about our own truth, but what can a person do? Falling out of love wasn’t part of the plan, and yet, when it happens, it’s undeniable. We’ve got Moon square Venus in our sky this week and if that’s our only hope, then we better get used to the idea that the love we no longer feel may just turn into the romance we no longer want. This one is going to be rough, and these four signs of the Zodiac will be engaged in this dance, throughout the week of May 29 – June 4, 2023.

Four zodiac signs fall out of love and end relationships May 29 – June 4, 2023:

1. Taurus

(April 20 – May 20)

You really don’t want to fall out of love, in fact, you’ve built an entire world on the idea that the lover you’ve found is going to be the person whom you will spend the rest of your life with. The only problem is that you’ve spent so much time with them already and now they are showing signs of…defeat. It’s as if the person you’ve been in love with is now turning into a dud, right before your eyes. Where is their energy, their drive?

They used to feel excited about everything, and now they just blob around as if they are waiting for the clock to run out. You’ve got Moon opposite Mercury working its dark magic all over your relationship, and the more it pushes, the more you start to regretfully feel as though you’re losing steam. You don’t know if you can pull this relationship out of its ditch, and you also don’t know if you want that job in the first place.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 – July 22)

You are going to want to beat yourself up this week, because you see it coming and it doesn’t look good: you are falling out of love and you don’t see yourself coming back. You wanted this, Cancer. You wanted the person you are in a relationship with right now, and not only that, you had big plans for the two of you to run wild and free in the future together. Oh, the fantasies and the beautiful imagery you had in your mind, and then, it all started to look too real to you.

This week has you regarding your partner as someone who really isn’t all you thought they were, and yes, you are being judgmental, but then again, it’s your life and if you are the judge then that’s the way that goes. During the transit of Moon square Mars, you will feel actively opposed to being in a relationship with this person, as you come to terms with the reality that you are no longer in love with them.

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3. Virgo

(August 23 – September 22)

You may not be at the point where you’re throwing anyone out, but you are certainly at the place where you recognize that you are just NOT in love with the person whom you’ve committed your life too. Yes, you took it all the way, and you even suspected that something like this would happen…and it has. You have officially fallen out of love with your partner. During Moon square Pluto, you will have to bite your tongue before telling them how you feel, but you will be tempted.

You and your person don’t always get along, but you’ve trusted that the love was always there. And, in a way, it still is, but the ‘in love’ part is nowhere to be found. The thrill is gone, Virgo, but the relationship remains. What to do? Patience goes a long way, and of course, we know you have none of that. Hang tight. Romance-free love is still available for you.

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4. Sagittarius

(November 22 – December 21)

During the week of May 29 – June 4, you’ll be relying upon your good old coldness, and that’s not to say you’re a cold person, but you are able to ‘turn off’ when you need and this week you’ll need to because you know something your partner doesn’t know: you are no longer in love with them. Yes, it happened, and you know in your heart that you can’t get it back. Will you end things, or will you continue on, as if nothing has changed?

You may want to continue on, but knowing you, Sag, you’ll probably drift into apathy and passive-aggressively end the relationship. There are just too many opposition transits going on this week for you to ‘suck it up.’ You have fallen out of love and unlike the other zodiac signs, you’ll probably be very hard to deal with until you are free again.

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