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Rural, tribal students register at AICTE new job portal


The placement portal will serve as the vital link connecting the rural and tribal talent pool with the recruiters
The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has launched the ‘AICTE Placement Portal‘ for rural and tribal students. The portal has been designed to offer equal job opportunities for rural and tribal students studying in the colleges located in these remote locations.
The portal will help the local population find jobs in the vicinity.This will prevent the migration of youth from smaller towns to bigger cities. The portal has segregated jobs in various districts of cities in Andaman Nicobar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Telangana and more.
Streamlining the recruitment process using an online platform, TG Sitharam, chairman, AICTE says, “In many rural and tribal areas, the job opportunities are limited. Connectivity, networking options and awareness about the jobs are limited as well. Keeping in mind the genuine necessity of these remote areas, the portal has a user-friendly design to provide placement opportunities to the students based on their location and skills. These underprivileged students will be taken into consideration on priority.”
Highlighting the need for this portal Rajive Kumar, member secretary, AICTE says, “We are regulating large numbers of colleges in rural and tribal areas and this portal has been launched for the students of these colleges. This portal will connect students with hiring companies. The portal will provide students with an introduction to the industry and once they get to learn and develop skills, they will flourish on their own.”
Further, it describes the AICTE placement portal’s procedure to maintain the authenticity of applying candidates and hearing companies. “Every entity which is going to be registered on the portal is verified by the AICTE placement portal’s admin team and the respective institute. There is also a provision to list down the basic details of the hiring company such as an incorporation certificate, and representative contact details are required to register on the portal. This information is further verified and then the particular company will get approved by the AICTE Team before posting the requirements of jobs on the portal,” says Sitharam.
Recruiting companies too have the responsibility of authenticating, “Further, hiring agencies will also be required to take up the credibility check of the candidates, they hire from the portal,” says Kumar.
This placement portal will serve as the vital link connecting the rural and tribal talent pool with multinational companies. “The portal’s user-friendly design as the platform is feasible with a low bandwidth network as well as all it is compatible with all kinds of digital devices. Readily available AICTE’s helpline will also help students if they require technical support,” says Sitharam.
Moreover, AICTE will work on creating awareness about the portal so that more students looking for jobs can register themselves on the portal. “AICTE will conduct various webinars and awareness programmes to promote and enhance the reach across rural and tribal areas in the country,” he adds.
There is a huge response from academia and industry to avail the benefits of the placement portal. “Students from all parts of the country have registered. Multinational companies such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, IDS Inc Ltd, Phytech, Medini and other 4,000 companies from various industries are onboarded already. The portal was launched recently and the actual data with particular to area/region/state cannot be comprehended still,” says Sitharam.

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