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Scarlet Blake, Convicted Of Cat Killing, Found Guilty Of Murdering Man




Scarlet Blake, Convicted Of Gruesome Cat Killing, Later Found Guilty Of Murdering Man in Oxford

Scarlet Blake has been found guilty of murder.

A 26-year-old transgender woman, Scarlet Blake, was found guilty of murdering a man in July 2021 after jurors at Oxford Crown Court discovered disturbing evidence linking her to the crime, according to The Sky News. The body of Jorge Martin Carreno, 30, was found in the River Cherwell, indicating he had been drowned after suffering head trauma and strangulation.

As per the newsportal, Blake’s involvement came to light due to a prior incident four months earlier. In a shocking act, she live-streamed the killing and dissection of a family cat, even admitting to the act during the trial. However, she attempted to deflect blame onto her former partner.

Prosecutors presented evidence suggesting Blake held an “extreme interest in death and harm,” citing her actions with the cat and her admitted fascination with the Netflix documentary “Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer,” which depicts a man killing kittens before committing murder while the New Order song True Faith played in the background. Notably, Blake’s livestream of the cat’s demise mirrored scenes from the documentary, including the use of the same song.

The prosecution argued that the cat killing was directly relevant to the murder case, showcasing Blake’s “disturbing interest in harming living creatures.” Furthermore, the court saw videos of Blake and her partner engaging in consensual strangulation, further raising concerns about her potential violent tendencies.

The verdict in this case has sent shockwaves through the Oxford community, highlighting the potential dangers of individuals harboring extreme interests in violence and the impact of harmful content online.

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