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Surge in Australian Student Visa Rejection Rates, Impact on Indian Applicants


NEW DELHI: Australia has witnessed a surge in visa rejection rates due to some educational institutions withdrawing admission offers amid government’s new migration strategy. Approximately one in five international students faced visa application refusals in the last two quarters of 2023.
The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the rejection of numerous overseas students has led to a significant 20% reduction in student visa approvals, marking the most substantial shift in two decades. The reduction in the education program is a key factor contributing to an overall decrease in migrant intake, projected to be 375,000 for the current financial year, with expectations of a further decline to 250,000 in the subsequent year. Notably, India, Nepal, and Pakistan, ranked as Australia’s second, third, and ninth source markets, are particularly impacted by these policy changes.
On December 11, 2023, the Australian government announced its new migration strategy with the objective of enhancing the integrity and quality of Australia’s international education programs. The strategy is designed to provide better protection for international students and offer support to graduates in attaining their career objectives.
The implementation of the strategy has resulted in increased visa rejection rates, prolonged processing times, and instances of revoked offers from Australian institutions, leaving international students to grapple with the resulting challenges. Under the Australia’s new migration settings, aspiring students are required to demonstrate a higher level of savings, improved English proficiency, and successfully pass a “Genuine Student Test.” However, concerns have been raised regarding the lack of transparency in visa approval processes.
The Australian government’s caution that institutions labeled as “higher risk” would encounter delays in visa processing, particularly for those classified as Level 3, creating increased uncertainty in achieving recruitment and admissions goals.
5 Objectives of Australia’s Migration System
► Raising living standards for Australians by boosting productivity, meeting skills shortages and supporting exports.
► Ensuring a fair go in the workplace by complementing the jobs, wages and conditions of all workers and preventing migrant worker exploitation.
► Building stronger Australian communities by better planning the migration intake, and giving migrants the opportunity to invest in their lives in Australia through permanent residence and citizenship.
► Strengthening international relationships by building stronger economic and social connections with our region and international partners.
► Making the system work by being fast, efficient and fair for migrants and employers.

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