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Teens Rob Gas Station In US, Thrash Cashier: “They Were Laughing”



Teens Rob Gas Station In US, Thrash Cashier: 'They Were Laughing'

The teenagers raided the shelves of the store candy, vapes and cigarettes.

A cashier at a gas station in the United States was brutally thrashed by a teenager while four of his friends raided the shelves for candy, vapes and cigarettes. The incident took place at the Friendly Normandy Market in Normandy Park, in Washington State on Friday night, New York Post said in a report. The teenagers finally left the gas station with $100 (Rs 8,322) in cash, the police said.

Disturbing video from inside the store, posted on social media, shows the moment a teenager wearing a black hoodie begins swinging wildly at cashier Leah Johnston in an apparent effort to create a diversion for his accomplices during their robbery, the outlet further said.

The attacker repeatedly struck Ms Johnston, who desperately pleaded with him to stop as she shielded her face and eventually collapsed to the ground.

“At one point I told him, ‘You can stop hitting me. I’m not fighting you’,” Ms Johnston told Fox 13. “It didn’t slow him down.”

“They were laughing. They had no regard for anything,” she added. “They don’t care anymore.”

As Ms Johnston endured this brutal beating, the other teenagers, also dressed in matching black hoodies and pants, looted the cigarette display located behind the cash register.

As they ran out of the store, the teens dropped most of their haul and were able to take less than $100 from the register.

Police said a total of six suspects were implicated in the assault and robbery at the gas station.

They added that the teenagers fled the crime scene in stolen vehicles, a Kia and a Hyundai, which were later recovered.

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