Ten IFS officers promoted in the HAG scale

Ten IFS officers promoted to Grade-II in the HAG scale
Ten officers promoted to Grade-II of IFS in the HAG scale – for the panel year 2016-17, w.e.f. the date of their assumption of the charge of the post, and until further orders: 1.Sandeep Kumar (IFS:1985) 2.Satbir Singh (IFS:1985) 3.Rajamony Venu (IFS:1986) 4.Ravi Shankar Aisola (IFS:1986) 5.Anumula Gitesh Sharma (IFS:1986) 6.Riva Ganguly Das (IFS:1986) 7.Gaitri I. Kumar(IFS:1986) 8.Alok Kumar Sinha (IFS:1986) 9.Vikas Swarup (IFS:1986)10.Rajeev Shahare (IFS:1986)

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