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The 5 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Lives Dramatically Improve Before The April 8 Solar Eclipse


The eclipse portal opened this week and will close the first week of April. You can suspend what you think is logical and surrender to the divine plan the universe has for your life and your relationships.

The Eclipse Portal represents a time out of time, a moment when life seems suspended in the balance between darkness and light. 

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You are guided to see there is more beyond what may first appear. Anything becomes possible, though nothing seems to follow the plan you had envisioned in your mind. You are gifted with divine opportunities for love and connection in this space.

The eclipse portal opened with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra, a zodiac sign known for representing not only balance but also romantic partnerships in which there is a pull toward connection and reciprocity.

A Full Moon brings a particular theme to fruition, while the Lunar Eclipse strives towards revealing something that was previously hidden, resulting in an emotional epiphany.

The Libra New Moon occurred on October 14, 2023, which means that you may see events reach a point of fruition that began around that time. This energy is amplified as the South Node in Libra is helping you learn your karmic lessons so that you may step more fully into your fate.

Between eclipses, there is a portal of energy likened to the rabbit hole in Alice In Wonderland, in which there is no telling where you will emerge on the other side. This portal will close on April 8 with the Aries Solar Eclipse.

Although you may see themes play out longer, this two-week window is known for bringing a plethora of unexpected moments, but it’s up to you to see them as opportunities.

Use this energy to see where you can learn more about who you are and how to show up for the relationship you want to create. In this space, there is no right or wrong, but simply the decision and direction your soul is called to take.

The five zodiac signs whose love lives improve in a big way now that the eclipse portal is open until April 8:

1. Aries

You are looking toward the horizon with impatience as you know there are still romantic changes to move through, but you do not know when or how they will necessarily occur.

The North Node will be making magic in your zodiac sign all year, pushing you towards deeper truth, which may or may not have already resulted in seeking changes in your relationship.

But the North Node doesn’t come to destroy anything. Instead, along with the South Node in Libra, ruler of your romantic sector, it seeks to teach and expand so that the love you choose is also the one that aligns with your soul.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra opened your sector of relationships, giving you a chance to see and understand how you feel. In many ways, the Nodes of Fate in Aries and Libra for the next year is a testing and growth phase to either establish new agreements and boundaries in an existing relationship or to transition into one that is more fulfilling.

A romantic theme will be coming full circle with the Libra Lunar Eclipse, which will help you understand more of what has occurred over the past six months and allow you to have more clarity in your relationship. Breathe into your heart space with this lunation, and allow yourself to feel your truth, as that will be the beginning of finally being able to improve your romantic life.

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2. Pisces

You’ve spent your whole life dreaming of a love that time would lie down and be still for, one that seemed to belong to the cosmos but could still hold you close in the depths of night. But to be ready for that kind of love, you’ve also needed to move through various lessons and heartbreak and finally become your self-worth as you learn how to ground divine love in the physical world.

This year, the Nodes of Fate draw a parallel between your self-worth, what you value, and the intimate romantic connection you can establish. Now, as the Libra Lunar Eclipse opened your house of intimacy and second-life partners, you are finally ready to start listening to your heart again and opening to receive what you’ve always wanted love to be.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra will bring to head themes involving transformation, connection, and intimacy that first arose around the New Moon in Libra on October 14, 2023. Although something is ripe on the horizon for you, it is still important to remember to surrender to what arises.

You can’t hold onto fear of getting hurt or things ending like they did before and still be able to trust the process. There is a sacrifice here that must occur in which you acknowledge that you need to lean in and accept that there is no way to protect yourself while simultaneously opening up to receive what you desire. To love is always a risk, but dear Pisces, with the Libra Eclipse, it is a risk worth taking.

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3. Gemini

As one of the two signs of the zodiac that represent duality, it can often be challenging to feel like your head and your heart are on the same page. The duality of Gemini often represents your conscious and your unconscious self, or the human versus the higher self.

In this space, you can often know what you should do or choose. It may seem difficult to do so, especially in terms of a relationship. But it seems that the unimaginable has finally occurred, and you are feeling confident that where you’ve been investing your heart is with the person who is meant for you.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra highlights themes of your house of commitment, which will bring up topics like marriage, children, and your deeper search for utter joy in your life.

As this energy begins to filter into your life, it’s important to trust your feelings and not second guess the confidence that you’ve been having in your relationship. Just because you always felt split in your needs and wants before doesn’t mean that will continue or that somehow, you’re wrong because you do feel like you have both feet in with your current relationship.

By trusting your feelings, you will be able to say yes to all the right proposals and know that in doing so, you are actively creating the sense of unbridled joy you want in your life.

The difference is that when you finally are with someone who loves every part of you, including your duality, it becomes easy to trust that this time it really is different and that you are safe to elevate your connection to a deeper commitment.

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4. Cancer

As a Cancer, you may still feel like you are still getting your bearings in this new year, which is wrought with completely new energy. While you may want to just simply reach the finish line, try to be gentle with yourself and realize that there is no rush in following the path that’s meant for you.

Much of this is attributed to Pluto, lord of the underworld, finally moving out of Capricorn and taking the focus off of your romantic life. Still, as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse rises in Libra, you will finally reach those pivotal moments of closure you’ve sought.

Reflect on the Libra New Moon on October 14 and what was surfacing within your romantic relationship, home, healing, and family. At that point, part of your new chapter began to take seed. Though you wish it would progress more quickly, you are finally reaching the end—which, of course, will serve as part of the new beginning you want. 

Libra governs over the roots of your life. This marks a time for you to reflect on what you are closing out, which is likely part of a transition or growth time. Because a Lunar Eclipse brings a shift in your emotional or mental awareness, you will begin to feel freer and more grounded in this new chapter of your life, enabling you to honor all you’ve learned while also opening you to new experiences and opportunities. Take this as a sign that it’s safe to let the past go and truly trust in your ability to create the love and life you have dreamed of.

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5. Libra

You are going to be gifted a unique opportunity, which will allow you to start working with the universe and actively choosing a path of growth and newness. The Nodes of Fate are now within your zodiac sign and that of Aries, bringing up a deep connection between self-growth, healing, and the romantic choices you make. At the time of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra, the Sun and Mercury will be opposite in Aries, emphasizing this energy.

Mercury will be stationing retrograde in Aries on April 1. What arose in March in your relationships will continue as you review previous conversations and agreements. All of this is part of being able to truly reflect on your part in your relationship so that you can realize the change you seek is the one found within.

The Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse portal opens your house of self, which governs authenticity, beliefs, and initiative. It is one of the few places in the astrological houses that marks the ability to have new beginnings.

At the same time, the Sun, ruler of actions, and Mercury, the planet of communication, will be in Aries, which will highlight important conversations and choices in your relationship. Although this is a Full Moon, it will bring up events of fruition. For you, it also represents a new beginning in how you approach love, relationships, and your partner.

This is rooted in the self-growth you’ve been moving through that involves learning not to self-sacrifice, to speak your truth, and to truly believe that the love meant for you will never have you give up what you most want. Pay close attention to this lunation as you are being gifted with an immense power to change the dynamics of your relationship so that you have the balance, fulfillment, and ease of a healthy love.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator. For more information about her work, visit her website.

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