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The Luckiest Day In April 2024 For Each Chinese Zodiac Sign


If you believe you have power, you will have power. If you believe you don’t, you won’t. That’s the energy surrounding luck and fortune this month in April 2024!

Before we get to the lucky messages for each Chinese zodiac sign, let’s take a look at the general message for everyone.

The I Ching hexagram of luck this month is Water over Wind (#48). It reminds us that it’s every individual’s divine right to make sure their well-being is being prioritized.

Whether this refers to survival needs like food, water, shelter, or emotional needs like affection, support, and respect, or spiritual needs like having a purpose, you must do right by yourself and not ignore the red flags if the world around you suddenly becomes toxic or predatory.

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Luck usually emerges like a golden blessing from the sun when we are already on such a path. That’s why they say — “Luck helps those who help themselves.” So be brave, strong, and bold this month.

Stride forth and seize the day! You will find your luck along the way. Now, let’s focus on every Chinese zodiac sign’s luckiest day in April 2024.

Each Chinese zodiac sign’s luckiest day in April 2024:

Rat: Luckiest Day: April 13

Rat, your luck in April is tied to how much you can rely on your inner wisdom. If you get swayed by the flow of the world around you and the short-term hypes and freakouts, you may miss out on the actual things/people that will bring you luck.

So turn inward. Meditation can definitely help you be more aligned with this part of yourself. The color yellow will be lucky for you in April, as will sunflowers and sunflower seeds.

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Ox: Luckiest Day: April 20

Ox, you will make your luck in April, or you will break it by sabotaging yourself. Everything depends on you knowing who you are and not allowing anyone to poison your perception.

As long as you keep fighting and standing your ground, luck will continue to favor you. The cosmic forces love those who never falter in their inner faith, no matter what. 

The colors blue and blue-green will be lucky for you in April. Baby’s breath and other white flowers will be lucky for you, too.

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Tiger: Luckiest Day: April 24

Karma is on your side this month, Tiger. That’s where your luck will originate as well. So don’t be afraid as you move through the world. Be strong, self-reliant, and ask for help when you need it.

Anyone who tries to be a thorn in your side will be diverted, and those who tried to harm you in the past will get what’s their due. The colors yellow and orange will be lucky for you in April.

If you choose to wear a color for luck, make it orange.

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RabbitLuckiest Day: April 27

Rabbit, your luck in April has a weird quality to it. If you choose to, you can let it go and not utilize it. You can also choose to channel it to someone else — maybe someone you love —  who needs luck more than you at this time. So it all depends on you and your life situation.

Meditating on what is and what can be will help you make the right decision without regrets. Blue crystals and clear quartz will help amplify your desires this month. So work with them if you feel unsure of yourself. You can hold a clear quartz palmstone while meditating for the same effect.

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Dragon: Luckiest Day: April 30

Dragon, your luck in April is unique. You are urged to arrange all your ducks in a row and collect all the puzzle pieces this month. Time is not yet auspicious for new beginnings or grand undertakings, so your luck will help you gather everything you need in the meantime.

Once you are ready, you can deploy when the time is right in the future. The colors red and orange will be lucky for you in April. Dragon motifs will also be lucky for you, but don’t wear them on your clothes as they will attract the evil eye.

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Snake: Luckiest Day: April 3

Snake, your luck in April will emerge when you are in the company of people who genuinely love and care about you. If you have no one who fits that definition, then let that person be yourself. Be your champion this month so luck can flow through you when you are alone and taking care of yourself.

This also urges you to be mindful of toxic presences in your social circle and family. If you feel called to, work with a shaman this month. They may help you address the spiritual roots of unsolvable problems or cleanse your auric field for you.

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HorseLuckiest Day: April 7

Horse, here’s the thing. You are incredibly lucky this month — all because you are the cosmic favorite child at this time.  If you fail to take action when your gut nudges you or keep procrastinating when you know you need to move, you will, unfortunately, lose all the luck that the cosmos has in store for you.

If you are dealing with anxiety or depression that is making it difficult to engage with the world, try meditating first thing in the morning. It will soothe your soul and help you recenter yourself.  The color green will have a healing effect on you in April. So wear more green and eat more green too!

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GoatLuckiest Day: April 15 & 18

Goat, your luck this month is leaning towards the conventional. If you have a trip planned for Macau or Vegas, others better watch out. You have the potential to wipe them clean. This luck can also help you win sweepstakes and giveaways. So go, get the goods!

Just remember: for a small percentage of you, this luck will manifest as good karma that will protect you from the negative judgments of others. If you feel called to, carry a piece of iron in your pocket to ward off negativity. Just make sure it’s not a magnet!

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MonkeyLuckiest Day: April 18

Monkey, your luck in April will emerge from your dreams. So maintain a dream journal and record the surreal as soon as you wake up. You will soon notice a pattern and know what your dreams are trying to say to you.

Some of you may discover your life path through this. Others will learn the name of your soulmate while in the dream state. The color brown will be lucky for you in April, and so will playing in dirt and mud—especially mud sports.

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RoosterLuckiest Day: April 19

Rooster, your luck in April is really strong. Whatever you are building will be blessed at this time, whether it’s a relationship, a personal project, or something else. Those of you who are in the real estate industry in some capacity will experience a lot of good luck and fortune now, especially if you purchase a home or flat.

Constructing or remodeling your own home is also recommended. The color aquamarine will be lucky for you in April, and so will the crystal Aquamarine.

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DogLuckiest Day: April 21

Dog, your luck in April will work behind the scenes for you. So keep living your life as you do, but make sure to let go of bad habits. Growing and learning will add to your luck, too, even if you cannot see what’s brewing backstage.

Just know that the cosmic forces have got your back and will reveal everything (or literally lift the curtains) when the time is right. Some of you will benefit from doing a cord-cutting ritual to remove negative forces from acting on you.

All you will need for this is a black candle, a circle of salt, a stick of cinnamon, a lemon or orange peel, and a star anise. Fix the candle at the center of the salt circle and add the other ingredients at the base.

Then, light it up while focusing on your intention to cleanse yourself. Don’t use any of the used ingredients for cooking! Throw them away.

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PigLuckiest Day: April 18

Pig, your luck in April is of the small kind. It will make your days pleasant and even bring a surprise or two, but don’t expect anything extraordinary or significant. For the latter, try manifestation techniques instead.

Those of you who have done a ritual in the recent past will have to wait a little while longer to see the fruits of your labor come in. The color pink will be lucky for you in April, and so will fabrics like cotton and tulle.

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