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This beautiful Christmas decoration trend using a tomato paste tube is going viral on TikTok – the results are stunning


As we’re past the halfway mark through the month of November, it can mean only one thing – getting ready for Christmas is on! And that starts with decorating. It’s no secret we love an easy and affordable DIY hack so when we came across these TikTok-viral Christmas decorations made with nothing but empty tomato paste tubes, we were ecstatic. 

TikTok is clearly taking DIY Christmas decor ideas to new heights turning food waste into gold leaf-looking metallic decorations. While some are making Christmas garlands, others turn this food waste into bow-shaped Christmas tree ornaments a la Matilda Goad’s Mini brass bow decorations which will set you back £45 for a set of four. While this DIY version is virtually free.

Now we know what you’re thinking. Because we were all thinking the same thing – wouldn’t the inside of my tomato paste tube be silver though? Surprise, surprise, it wouldn’t. We’ve tested it ourselves and even though the outside trim of the tubes are sometimes silver, the interior is shiny and gold.

DIY Christmas decor made with a tomato paste tube

An arch with paper Christmas decorations and a garland

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Is this tomato paste tube hack the ultimate budget Christmas decorating idea? We think so as everything you need you will most likely already have at home. Plus it’s a wonderful way to turn waste into something useful and beautiful – think of it as upcycling for beginners.

We first came across this hack through @thekwendyhome in her TikTok video, which was inspired by @_hausimwald_, fashioning a leafy garland from a tomato paste tube, reminiscent of Nkuku’s Tula Christmas garland sold at John Lewis. Wendy is killing it with her homemade Christmas decor lately (and especially garlands) as we’ve already swooned over her door garland hack using a tension rod.

♬ Twinkling Lights (Reimagined) – Auni

What you’ll need

A decorated Christmas tree with presents at the bottom of a staircase

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

In the caption of her tomato paste garland, Wendy further inspires our imaginations to run wild, ‘This upcycled garland is such a beautiful diy. Let’s give a tube of tomato paste a new lease on life! It is perfect for your autumnal decor, Thanksgiving and for Christmas. It gives me all the cozy cottagecore feelings. The possibilities are endless. Imagine cutting out your own Merry Christmas garland or any letter garland. You can do little moons and stars. Or even little mushrooms.’

Or if you want individual decorations instead, you can take inspiration from @genevavanderzeil and her little bow ornaments. ‘Did you know that inside tomato paste tubes is gold foil that can be used for all sorts of crafts? I only just found that out. I’ve been wanting to make some cute brass bows to use as Christmas decor on the tree, on cards and on presents and as soon as I saw this brassy material I knew it would be perfect,’ Geneva wrote in her caption.

♬ オリジナル楽曲 – Shingo Takahashi

So what are you waiting for? Grab your tomato puree tube and some scissors and get DIY-ing.

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