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US High School Postpones Graduation After Majority Of Students Fail




US High School Postpones Graduation After Majority Of Students Fail

Only five of the 33 graduates had satisfied the graduation criteria.

A high school in a remote part of Texas, in the United States, postponed its graduation ceremony after discovering that only five of the 33 graduates there had satisfied the graduation criteria, as per a report in CNN. The 28 students of Marlin High School failed to graduate because of their attendance and academic performance. 

The school took to Facebook to share an official release and stated, “Marlin High School has announced that high school graduation will be rescheduled for June. The decision by the high school to postpone graduation will provide more time for students to meet necessary requirements for graduation, many of whom did not meet requirements due to attendance or grades.”

They added that the move is part of a “broader effort by Marlin ISD to maintain high academic expectations and ensure student success”. They continued, “The district has affirmed its commitment to providing necessary resources and support for students, and the new graduation date is seen as a testament to this commitment.”

Superintendent Dr Darryl Henson said in a statement, “Our commitment to excellence remains unshaken. We hold firm to our belief that every student in Marlin ISD can and will achieve their potential. We maintain high expectations, not as an imposition, but as a show of faith in our students’ abilities. As we navigate these challenges, one thing is clear: students in Marlin ISD will be held to the same high standard as any other student in Texas.”

He further said on Twitter, “Our district will grow from this setback. Let this be a lesson learned for all. As we continue to go through our annual graduation audit, it’s our obligation to ensure that all students have met all requirements. Support, accountability, & integrity will remain at the forefront.”

A mandatory parent-teacher meeting was held at the high school on May 24. As per CNN, Dr Henson said in the meeting, “The state of Texas has guidelines for graduation. This is not a dance floor… It’s not a homecoming pep rally. This is graduation.”

According to the superintendent, 17 more students were now qualified for graduation in June after they worked this week to make up missed lessons and assignments. On Thursday, the day the students were supposed to graduate, the community arranged an informal graduation ceremony to honour the students in a church.

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