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US Woman Who Went To Rehab In Mexico Killed And Put In A Blender: Report




US Woman Who Went To Rehab In Mexico Killed And Put In A Blender: Report

The trial against the rehab centre owners is still ongoing. (Representative pic)

A woman from the United States who travelled to Mexico to receive treatment at a drug rehabilitation centre was reportedly murdered and dismembered. 

Citing local authorities, Vice News reported that 35-year-old Celia Yanel Castaneda was taken to the rehab centre by her relatives after she returned from the US, where she had been living for the last 10 years. During her first night at the Monarch rehab centre, she allegedly had a “violent episode” because of her withdrawal symptoms and attacked both of the owners of the centre. 

The rehab centre owners, identified as Diana Paola and Claudia Rubi, beat Ms Celia to death in retaliation. They then even tried to hide her dead body by cutting it into pieces, Vice News reported. 

As per a police report, the cops found a metallic trash can at the rehabilitation centre that contained black and white pyjamas and a woman’s slipper stained with blood. The police also informed that as they proceeded further into the property to investigate, the rehab centre owners attempted to flee but were quickly apprehended. 

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At the property, the officials reportedly found plastic buckets filled with human bones and flesh in the bathtub, along with plastic bags containing six large bones and two knee bones. According to the outlet, the cops also found a blender in the kitchen that contained human flesh. Police believe that the suspects had attempted to liquefy the victim’s soft body tissues. 

Notably, the gruesome details emerged during a recent court hearing, where the judge read a police report describing the scene that unfolded at the property. After reading the report, the judge said that he withheld from discovering even more graphic details in order to preserve the dignity of the victim. 

“For the sake of not re-victimizing the victim, for the sake of her dignity, I will not go on,” the judge said. 

Now, the trial against the rehab centre owners is still ongoing. They could face life in prison if found guilty. 

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