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Video: Bear Shocks Beachgoers In US As It Walks Out Of Ocean




Video: Bear Shocks Beachgoers In US As It Walks Out Of Ocean

There is no information about where the bear came from and where it went.

A video showing a black bear walking out of the ocean into a crowd of beachgoers in Florida is gaining traction on social media. The mammal was seen taking a dip next to a group of swimmers and ran quickly away from the crowd, trying to hide from the locals gathered on the beach in Destin. Several Twitter users have posted the clip on the social media platform, where it has amassed millions of views. The incident took place June 11.

In a video compilation, a beachgoer can be heard saying, “It’s a bear” after watching the animal move through the water. Another visitor said, “I guess he’s on vacation too though.”

As the number of people increased on the beach, the bear quickly made its way through a line of beach chairs heading for the dunes.

No US media outlet has reported where the bear came from and where it went after leaving the beach.

Social media users posted several comments on the bear sighting.

“Because they keep over developing our area. They have nowhere to go it’s a peninsula,” said one user. “What in the hell is going on in this world. I’ve worried about sharks and now bears good lord,” tweeted another.

“He saw people doing it and it looked fun so…” said a third user.

This is not the first bear sighting in the area. According to WESH2, a bear was seen about 50 feet high in a tree at Lake Eola Park in Orlando on June 4.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, meanwhile, has urged locals to follow some safety steps in case they come face-to-face with a bear.

They asked food that may attract a bear to be removed and avoiding putting out the trash the night before pickup, and instead put it out the morning of pickup.

The authorities also said that if any person encounters a bear, it’s better to give the animal space instead of approaching it.

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