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Video: Man Breaks Beauty Pageant Winner’s Crown As Wife Places Second




Video: Man Breaks Beauty Pageant Winner's Crown As Wife Places Second

The organiser insisted that the pageant’s judges were fair in their unanimous decision.

In a shocking incident, the husband of a beauty pageant contestant climbed onto the stage, snatched the winner’s crown and smashed it to the ground after his wife was awarded the second place. The incident took place at an LGBTQ+ beauty pageant in Brazil on Saturday, as per local news outlet Globo. One of the attendees recorded the man’s action and the clip soon appeared on various social media platforms. The man’s outburst took place as the winner is announced at the Miss Gay Mato Grosso 2023 pageant.

The video shows the crowning ceremony and a woman approaching the two finalists – Nathally Becker and Emannuelly Belini – to announce the winner. As she moved the crown on top of the two contestants before the big reveal, the enthusiastic crowd cheered both of them.

Ms Belini was finally chosen as the winner and the woman proceeded to place the shiny tiara on her head. But before the ceremony could complete, the runner-up contestant’s husband interrupted it.

The hot-headed husband pulled away the crown from the woman’s hands and hurled it on the stage floor. He was also seen yelling and pulling his wife away from the winner as a shocked audience gasped.

Watch the video:

The man then picked up the crown and heaved it to the ground again, breaking it to pieces.

New York Post said the event’s security team intervened and pulled the man backstage.

Pageant coordinator Malone Haenisch later released a statement in which he said, “He did not consider the result to be fair and caused all this inconvenience and damage.”

“We vehemently condemn the incident that occurred at the time of the crowning of the elected Miss when the partner of Miss Cuiaba, who was classified in second place, invaded the stage and aggressively destroyed the crown,” he added.

The organiser insisted that the pageant’s judges were fair in declaring Belini as the winner.

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