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Video: Moment When Huge Boulders Crush Moving Trucks In Peru




Video: Moment When Huge Boulders Crush Moving Trucks In Peru

A stretch of the Central Highway was destroyed.

In a shocking moment captured on dashcam, two vehicles were crushed by an avalanche of enormous boulders that fell down a Peruvian mountainside on Saturday. The hair-raising moment showed fast-moving rocks hitting the truck and flipping it on its side on a road in the San Mateo district of Huanchor, as per a report in the CNN.

Further, other small rocks fell from the mountainside and another gigantic boulder fell from the mountain and crashed into the road, in front of a second vehicle, causing a massive crater, according to the video.

Watch the video below:

Miraculously, both the drivers of the two commercial trucks survived. However, their cargo was crushed and a stretch of the Central Highway was destroyed.

Photos of the aftermath show hundreds of stones of various sizes littering the road, as well as the wreckage of the two vehicles, one of which was on its side. According to the authorities, it took four hours to clear the road. 

Meanwhile, an investigation is underway to understand the exact cause of the accident. Officials believe that rains in the region could have led to the destabilization of the terrain.

In 2023, Peru witnessed landslides triggered by heavy rains since the beginning of February. This resulted in the death of several people while many were reported missing across the country. Two miners who were working in the Puno district of southeast Peru were killed after a rock fell on them. At least 18 people were killed after being swept away by a landslide near the mines in the Arequipa Region. Many were also reported injured. 

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