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What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest This Week By Journal Writing


Your zodiac sign’s weekly journal writing for manifestation is here. Starting March 4 – 10, 2024 we are now continuing to learn about the laws of attraction with law number 4: the law of delicate balance. Our universe contains many polarities and paradoxes.

Our universe is always looking for an equilibrium. Something that will bring things out of balance into balance and harmony.

That is why you see bullet journal prep pages include a wheel of life — an exercise where you draw a circle and rate each aspect of your life individually. The idea here is to get all the many roles of your life to level 10 or at least higher than it is now.

Balance creates joy. You often hear about work-life balance or even the balancing of scales in justice. More importantly, balance creates peace.

In order to achieve these ideals, we have to be aware of ourselves. Yes, we are “grateful” every day. Without gratitude, there can be no satisfaction and, therefore, no inner peace. This is not an easy feat. It will often require you to challenge your long-held worldviews.

One where you thought “perfection” was one way. In reality, it was about something else entirely. For your journal prompt, think about a long-held worldview that you’ve clung to dearly that has changed for you recently.

Perhaps you thought love was all about compromise. Now that you are older, you realize it’s all about … following through with actions. Or maybe you used to think happiness meant fame, but now you believe happiness means lots of family. Whatever it may be, note how you have mentally grown over the years. Lastly, think about how this internal growth has allowed you to appreciate things that you used to take for granted.

Amongst many exciting transits, this week brings us an extra hour of daytime. In case you forgot, daylight savings begins at 2 am on March 10.

Leading up to that, March 4 grants us focus and ambition with the Moon in Capricorn. We are goal-oriented and pumped for the week before us — the Aquarius Moon on 6 changes the tone from serious to silly, aiding our theme of balance.

This is the time to get social, whether digitally or in person, and catch up with friends about going on. We may even find interest in new topics or social issues we previously ignored.

The Pisces Moon on 8 turns us inward, where we may benefit from intense journaling to sort our thoughts or even just relaxing meditation and reflecting on things with a cup of tea.

Mercury in Aries gets us out of our heads and into action on 9. We go from ephemeral to permanency. And we make a lot of decisions quickly; hopefully, we are well-informed, though. Tempers may flare as we desperately want others to side with us and agree with our ideas.

The New Moon in Pisces draws all the good parts of the week together. Now, we have a bit more ease and patience in talking to loved ones. We can move forward with our plans in a decisive yet relaxed way. We can face the next week with full clarity and confidence.

Aries Manifest: Gratitude

There is an anxious and ansty energy surrounding you. Before you react impulsively, take stock of how you have come so far.

Journal Prompt:

Take some time to thumb through old diary entries and compare where you were last year and the year prior to where you are now, not just physically but mentally as well.

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Taurus Manifest: Intuition

Taurus, you tend to act first and think later. While that has led to noteworthy experiences and opportunities, this week, being impulsive may backfire.

Journal Prompt:

Every time you get the urge to react, notice your impulsive reactions. What is the trigger to you acting out of your character? Whether a person, place or thing, what does this thing symbolize to you? Gaining a visual library of symbols and how you particularly process them can help you learn yourself inside out.

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Gemini Manifest: Creation

You are receiving a ton of creative and spiritual downloads this week. Take note of each one as they hold a piece of the answers you’ve been looking for.

Journal Prompt:

Your private spaces are cluttered. This can be your mind, your subconscious or your environment. Pick the one that is most obvious to you and write down what exactly is clogging up your space. Is it food waste? Expired things? Negative thoughts? You can more effectively clear your spaces if you qualify what is actually there first.

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Cancer Manifest: Boundaries

Cancer, new people are entering your life at a frantic pace. Whether they are a potential friend, foe, or lover, it’s an exciting new time for you. Think ahead of what you demand of others before you assess if you meet their standards.

Journal Prompt:

With the possibility of new relationships in your near future, it’s time to review your boundaries to make sure they align with your current self. What are non-negotiables for a potential partner of yours? What do you struggle to deny a potential partner, and what is the consequence if your boundaries aren’t respected??

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Leo Manifest: Restoration

With your intuition at its peak this week, it is time to do some deep self-reflection and self-monitoring.

Journal Prompt:

What is a habit you would like to break or reduce? Perhaps it’s a thought pattern, a cycle or vice. Brainstorm any barrier you can think of to reduce these behaviors.

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Virgo Manifest: Inner peace

Loved ones currently have a lot of ideas on how you should be running your life. While some may be great, they all have to go through the filter you set! 

Journal Prompt:

Use any changes or disruptions in your schedule this week to help you create a special place that belongs to you. Brainstorm anything you would like to add to your current daily routine, whether it be skincare or just silent reflection. How can you create a sacred ritual that is just for you?

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Libra Manifest: Your dream life

With Mercury in your 7th house, you’ll find yourself in a fundamental shift in your current relationship. This shift will have you re-evaluating yourself and the way you care for yourself and others.

Journal Prompt:

In thinking about your relationship. How are you both separately and jointly cultivating your dream life?

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Scorpio Manifest: Transformation

The Pisces Moon stirs something in you. Whether it is deja vu or just a deep sense of knowing, you have uncovered an answer to a question bugging you.

Journal Prompt:

In the now, to where you want to go, you have to become that person. When you envision yourself in your dream life, what challenges has this person overcome? How did they achieve this? Keep this page tagged for future reference.

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Sagittarius Manifest: Intuition

The gift of gab sweeps you and others off their feet, especially earlier in the week. You’re attracting a lot of attention from both the right and wrong people.

Journal Prompt:

You already know there is a possible snake around you. You probably have your doubts, too. Write it. Make a note of the different people in your life. Make a note of how you feel both before and after encountering them. The results may surprise you.

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Capricorn Manifest: Insight!

Moon energy has you feeling like a rockstar. A reserved, perhaps introverted rockstar, but a rockstar nonetheless. You’re excited yet confused about a lot of things happening around you.

Journal Prompt: 

Hone in this week on a specific aspect of your life where you need guidance. In addition to researching and asking trusted advisors around you, allow yourself to take extra notice of your surroundings. Is anything of interest sticking out to you or calling you toward it?

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Aquarius Manifest: Answers

It’s time to shake things up. You’re tired of repeated actions getting the same results. But where to start?

Journal Prompt: 

You can first brainstorm ideas on paper on how to get out of a rut. Then, spend the week tracking your habits and hone in on whichever habits or vices you think may be preventing you from reaching your goal.

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Pisces Manifest: A miracle

Your voice holds weight, especially midweek. There is a lot on your mind, and you can SPEAK your words into existence. Use the energy of the Pisces Moon to direct your communication properly.

Journal Prompt: 

Ask, and you shall receive. Use scripting to imagine yourself fully present on the other side of the miracle you expect to happen. Where are you? Who are you with? What have you just witnessed? And most importantly, how do you express gratitude for this happening?

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Venita Johnson is the Editor for Horoscopes & Zodiacs, based in New York City. She focuses on journal writing, astrology, tarot and oracle card readings.

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