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What It Means If You Were Born During An Eclipse


There are few things in the world that have a history of striking fear, dread, awe and total rapture in the human heart as much as an eclipse. But did you know that it is rare and astrologically significant if you were born during an eclipse?

NASA defines an eclipse as when an object in space, like a planet or a moon, passes through the shadow of another. And on Earth, we experience two kinds of them: the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.

To find out if you were born during an eclipse, you can enter your time, place and date of birth into an eclipse birth chart calculator. Just make sure to change the “eclipses from the year” drop down to the year of your birth and then add your place of birth in the “current city” section. Scroll down the chart that opens up and you can easily see if you were born during an eclipse.

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What it means if you were born during a solar eclipse

Solar eclipses happen when the Moon gets in the way of the Sun’s light. They are only seen during the daytime and from specific coordinates on Earth based on the moon’s position and shadow. Solar eclipses can happen anywhere between two to five times a year. There are four types of solar eclipses: total, partial, hybrid, and annular.

According to spiritual TikTok creator Jane Rewilding, solar eclipses are associated with new moon energy and “tend to be the drama.” People born during a solar eclipse often have chaotic lives and “tend to create a lot of chaos and destruction.” But they also have a positive attitude towards life and are always on the lookout for the next big thing. “Anyone born during eclipses is going to have a strong personality,” she says.

Solar eclipse babies have a fated or destined quality to their life and go through multiple transformations as they grow older. They can also have a larger-than-life personality or heightened intuition. The zodiac sign of the eclipse can give more information about the native’s personality and traits, and conjunction and opposition aspects with other planets and points add to the mystery and energy of the eclipse.

People born during a solar eclipse tend to be natural-born leaders, but they can sometimes feel “overshadowed” by a parent with extraordinary accomplishments or feel like they are being controlled by destiny or by an authority figure who refuses to allow them to become an authority.

These natives stick out like a sore thumb in conformist societies and don’t do well in cultures that force them to be passive followers. The instigator or pioneer life is better suited for a person born during a solar eclipse.

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What it means if you were born during a lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipses happen when the Earth gets in between the Moon and the Sun, casting a shadow over the moon and turning it into a haunting “blood moon.” Lunar eclipses usually happen twice every year, but some years there can be three and other years when there are none. There are primarily three types of lunar eclipses: total, partial, and penumbral.

According to Rewilding, lunar eclipses are associated with full moon energy and people born during a lunar eclipse have “full moon energy on steroids.” “These people tend to be very creative, very vibrant, very full of vitality.” They also tend to be very sexual, intuitive, and “in the flow of life.”

Lunar eclipse babies have a sixth sense for innovation and trends and either become trendsetters or have an uncanny ability to predict trends. They can also have hidden psychic abilities. Some are born into families or societies that force them to either reject these hidden gifts or be persecuted in one way or another, depending on the culture of the times. People born during a lunar eclipse are natural manifesters. But they are also prone to bringing their fears to life without realizing it.

These natives can sometimes be shy or extremely introverted or private about their life. And they tend to have a different public life compared to their persona behind the scenes. Lunar-eclipse borns are very attracted to secrets and secrecy and usually have a strong fascination for the occult.  

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