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What The Scientists Revealed At Mexican Congress During Second UFO Session




''New Species'': What The Scientists Revealed At Mexican Congress During Second UFO Session

However, they did not confirm that the remains were aliens

Days after Mexico Congress stunned the world with their display of two alleged Peruvian ‘alien corpses’, a second Congressional hearing was held on Tuesday. Researchers testified before Mexico’s Congress and declared that the previously displayed three-fingered Peruvian mummies were authentic. However, they did not confirm that the remains were aliens, as per Reuters.

In September, the ”non-human” alien corpses, claimed to be the 1,000-year-old fossilised remains of extraterrestrial individuals, were presented in windowed boxes, by journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan.

New Findings about the Peruvian Mummies

  • On Tuesday, Mr. Maussan returned to Congress to emphasise the genuine nature of the bodies. During the session, Mr. Maussan was backed by a group of medical experts who said that the mummies were once-living organisms. 
  • The alien enthusiast and his group of researchers showed photographs and X-rays of what he said was a ”non-human being.” Mr Maussan said the bodies belonged to a ”new species,” as they lacked lungs and ribs.
  • Anthropologist Roger Zuniga of San Luis Gonzaga National University in Ica, Peru, supported the findings, and said “They’re real”. ”There was absolutely no human intervention in the physical and biological formation of these beings,” he told Reuters.
  • Mr Zuniga presented a letter signed by 11 researchers from the university declaring the same. The letter made clear, however, they were not implying the bodies were “extraterrestrial”.

Meanwhile, Congressman Sergio Gutierrez, from President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s ruling Morena party, called for a reform to Mexico’s law to make all information about UFOs public.

What happened during the first UFO session?

Two tiny mummified bodies were presented to Mexico’s Congress on September 13, images of which were beamed around the world, sparking excitement and curiosity. The mysterious bodies were tiny in stature and chalky in colour, and each one of them had three-fingered hands and shrunken heads. One was described as female, with eggs inside. 

Mr Maussan claimed they were found around 2017 in Peru, near the pre-Columbian Nazca Lines. He added that they were about 1,000 years old, and analyzed through a carbon dating process by Mexico’s National Autonomous University (UNAM).

Later, Mexican doctors conducted extensive laboratory studies on the two alleged “non-human” alien corpses and found “no evidence of any assembly or manipulation of the skulls”. The doctors said that the so-called bodies belonged to a single skeleton. 

Multiple UFO and forensics experts slammed the claims as ”unsubstantiated” and a ”hoax”. Some academics and archaeologists suggested the “bodies” are simply the ancient remains of mummified humans.


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