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What Your Zodiac Sign Can Start To Manifest This Weekend Using A Journal


We start the weekend with Moon in Capricorn, focusing on the fundamentals of life maintenance (exciting, isn’t it?). Much-needed errands, pharmacy runs, repairs and forms need to be tended to and this is the weekend to do it. Make sure to keep your bullet journal in tow! 

Why, ultimately, do we need to write down our manifestations? Well, because it helps us reach our goals quicker! You make the law of attraction work by repeating what you want and constantly visualizing it.

Therefore, your journal acts simply as a tool for greatness. Secondly, you gain focus and clarity on exactly what it is you are manifesting. There are a million and one things to desire and gain. What makes your manifestation specific to you, your wants, history and needs? You make it clear. You put it in writing and get it done.

The First Quarter Moon in Aquarius will be on November 18, allowing a bit of reprieve from the previous day’s work. Now is the time to attend a new MeetUp event, Skillshare class or any other activity that is both social and uses both sides of the brain.

On November 19, Moon trine Venus has us using our Right brain more than our Left as it’s time to indulge in weekend beauty treatments and sensuous self-care rituals. This is a great time to dive headfirst into an interior design project, a romantic date or a creative pet project that we have been putting off for months. 

What your zodiac sign can start to manifest using a journal this weekend:


Manifest: Raising your vibration

Aries, you have many gifts and sheer will is one of the top ones. At times, this can mean being the hare in the race and not the tortoise. It’s worthwhile to attend to spiritual growth as well as external growth. It’s pretty simple — Help those in need.

Journal Prompt: What is your ideal world? How can you raise your vibration by blessing others? Who around you needs the gifts only you can give?

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Manifest: Pleasure

Let’s be honest. Most of life is not chocolate, naps and good movies. We spend most of our lives doing things to maintain our life. 

Journal Prompt: What are some ways in your life you can add pleasure? Focus on areas that you dread, like housework or errands. Can you make customized playlists for your morning commute? How about queuing up audiobooks to listen to while you wash dishes?

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Manifest: Knowledge

On November 17, you get an increase in physical energy. All of this energy can be used toward your new fitness goals and/or your freelance work. In fact, the two will run in tandem, shaking each other’s hands and making you a better communicator and healthier at the same time.

Journal Prompt: what is something you can research to support your pet projects or reignite your curiosity? Knowledge is the first step to creation.

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Manifest: Intuition

You are by far within the top 2 zodiac signs with the highest amounts of sensitivity and spiritual awareness. Despite that, you sometimes don’t trust your hunches out of insecurity. Strengthening your intuition will lower your anxiety and raise your self-esteem.

Journal Prompt: Keep a log of all the “downloads from the universe” that you receive. Filter the insecure thoughts or the paranoid thoughts and only keep the Aha moments that make you feel connected to the universe and the greater fabric of human existence. Those hunches are gold and the key to the next steps you need to take in life.

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Manifest: Universal love

Leo, you have been through it over the last few months. Love, life and everything in between have left you hopeful but a bit weather-beaten. No wonder your mood has been up and down! One way to center yourself in any storm is to wait for it and love more. Love the struggle, love the rain, love that which cannot love you back. It deepens you spiritually and allows access to your highest self.

Journal Prompt: the universe is always guiding you and loves you unconditionally. Where in your life can you increase your capacity for love to continue to break negative karmic cycles?

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Manifest: Releasing negativity

This week calls for sharing information as well as taking in new information. This is a great time to make good on your resolutions from the beginning of the year and adjust them as needed.

Journal Prompt: What were my 2023 resolutions and how far did I get to my goals?

Additionally, do you see yourself carrying over those goals for 2024, modifying them or scraping them altogether? There is no better time than late November to take stock of what is no longer serving you and start anew.

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Manifest: Reset 

One thing is for sure: after this holiday season, you will need a FULL RESET. Every aspect of your life will need to become simpler and more manageable. In the meantime, try a small reset. Something you can do daily to keep your mind sane.

Journal Prompt: form a simple routine at night that can reset your day so you start each day free with a clean slate. The steps should be easy and easily repeated. Think at 8 pm, I turn down my dimmer. Then I pick out tomorrow’s clothes, take out any garbage and set the recycling by the door.

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Manifest: Vision

In the midst of the craziness that is November, you dare to pre-load your 2024 with plenty of goals and aspirations … good for you! Zoom the camera out a bit and think bigger than 1 year. What about the next 5? Vision brings clarity.

Journal Prompt: Use the 5-4-3-2-1 goal-setting method to prepare for your future. It’s easy to write down one thing you want to accomplish in 5 years and then one goal related to a goal that you can achieve in 4 months.

Then one smaller goal that will help you achieve goal a. Then one smaller action you can take to achieve within a 3-week time frame. An even smaller task you can achieve in two days and lastly 1, action you can start within an hour right now.

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Manifest: Clarity

You have been achieving so much lately, and as such, some of the smaller life tasks have gone by the wayside. It’s time to attend to the small things so we can get back to achieving all the big things that make a real difference.

Journal Prompt: Sometimes, a simple brain dump can do your mind wonders. Just simply unloads every thought, worry, idea or task onto a single page ( or two). Don’t worry about organizing it or anything. The most important thing is to get it out on the page. This exercise should be done weekly and plan the sorting process for a Sunday night or whenever you get a few moments to think about the application.

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Manifest: Presence

Something is bugging you. Well, a lot, actually. It’s in your nature to ignore and push to the back of the drawer. The only problem with that is that at some point, the drawer is overstuffed and nothing more will fit in and we have no choice but to address everything we dismissed before.

Journal Prompt: how can you bring your subconscious to the forefront? What is it you have been aiming to express that you’ve kept hidden from even yourself?

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Manifest: Steadfastness

Aquarius, you are within the top 3 zodiac signs that can persevere through anything. Even you can get work down after many life beatings. Remember your strength and resilience. More importantly, remember how resourceful you are.

Journal Prompt: as part of your morning page or morning paragraph. Begin with an affirming statement. Write “I have every tool needed to achieve my greatest goals” 3 times. After which, brain dump everything that has been on your mind since last night. Then, once more, write the quote 3 times.

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Manifest: Divine femininity

Without darkness, there can be no light. Every person holds both divine femininity and divine masculinity within them. We also hold toxic femininity and toxic masculinity. While there exists lots of literature about why this is and how we can balance the two, one thing is for sure: self-healing is the number one way to balance our emotional and spiritual budget.

Journal Prompt: What parts of you need healing and what are 3 steps you can take to begin this process?

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Venita Johnson is the Assistant Editor for Horoscopes & Zodiacs based out of New York City, who focuses on astrology, tarot and oracle card readings.

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